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Zeitgeist Refuted: Final Cut is a factual documentary film made by Elliott Nesch, exposing the false, deceptive & misleading claims made by those behind the Zeitgeist movement regarding the origins of Christianity. It also reveals the agenda behind the Zeitgeist movement.
The sources for the information for the Zeitgeist movement's films come from Occult sources, the highest one being Helena Patrovna Blavatsky who was the founder of the Theosophical Society, which promotes the open worship of Lucifer.
The other various sources presented in the Zeitgeist films get much of their information from Helena Patrovna Blavatsky. Hitler was a high Occultist & was influenced by the teachings of H.P. Blavatsky. The Swastika is used in the Logo of Theosophy & is an ancient sun worship symbol, which could be right or left facing depending on which side of the diety was being represented.
A lady who later succeeded H.P. Blavatsky in the Theosophical society was called Alice A. Bailey who was a prolific writer, who wrote channeled books from an entity/demon she called "master Djwhal Khul". She & her husband founded "The Lucifer Publishing Company", which they later changed to "Lucis Trust" because of all the flak & her writings heavily influence the U.N. (United Nations).
Lucifer, meaning ('Light Bearer') is the fallen angel who became Satan, meaning ('Adversary') a.k.a. the Devil who is spoken of in the Holy Bible!!!