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Zeitgeist addendum is NWO propaganda

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Chris White's short film on Zeitgeist Addendum

(Chris White)

I think you may know I have been trying to get a lot of my fellow truth
seekers to realize that many people telling us a good deal of truth are
also telling us a very important lie, often this lie has something or
other to do with Jesus.

I have also been trying to tell people that the VERY popular movie
Zeitgeist was a part of this particular problem, and this is why Frank
Lordi and I started .
We have been through a lot of stages with this, for a long time it seemed
like no one would believe that the movie had serious errors which could be
easily demonstrated, and we both have taken a beating from our fellow
truth seekers regarding our position on this. but over time, little by
little people started realizing it was wrong.

but today everything changed.

Frank and I wrote an article detailing the problems with the brand new
zeitgeist movie called Zeigeist Addendum, and Alex Jones today published
it on his website here is a link to the article
He also seemed to finally realize that the "New World Order" has a
specific religious agenda based on the teachings of the theosophical
society founded by Helna blavatsky.
This of course means he also realized that the most popular truth tellers
in the system are very suspect.
If you listened to todays Alex Jones Show Oct 16th 2008 it is obvious the
article made a big impact on him.

here's a link to the show today, he talks about it all
through the 3 hour show.