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Youniverous - Consciousness Shifting Videos (2017)

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Youniverous - Consciousness Shifting Videos (2017) Youniverous is creating Consciousness Shifting Media The Cosmos is a fascinatingly mysterious place. Accompany Zylok and UNICOM, as they journey through the Hyperdimensional layers, and cycles of Consciousness. Support us, and help us awaken the consciousnesses of the entire universe! Continue to consume, and be consumed by the Universe. comment: This alien Grey talks on a rather sophisticated level with much spiritual insight, but being quite demonic in appearance, should be listened to with a grain of salt. videos: A Cosmic Mess.mp4 Aliens React To Music.mp4 Androgyne.mp4 Are Humans Universes.mp4 Artificial Intelligence & Consciousness.mp4 Can Ecosystems Be Artificially Maintained.mp4 CGI Computer Generated Imagination.mp4 Clone Conundrum.mp4 Confessions of an Alien.mp4 Consciousness, The Universal Feedback Loop.mp4 Cosmic Ancestors.mp4 Cosmic Habitable Zone.mp4 Cosmic Megastructures [Dyson Spheres].mp4 Cosmic Synthesizers.mp4 Evolution of Spacetime Exploration.mp4 Exoplanets & Extraterrestrial Plants.mp4 Fire & Evolution.mp4 FIRST CONTACT - (Subspace CHANNEL Now Active).mp4 Hive Mind & The Conscious Singularity.mp4 How Many Species In The Universe.mp4 Humans are Aliens too.mp4 Hyperfragmented Unconscious Zones.mp4 Local & Nonlocal Awareness.mp4 Panspermia.mp4 Phasing Through The Hyperdimensional Frames Of Reality.mp4 Playing GodParadox.mp4 Primitive Relativity.mp4 Quantum Brain Dynamics.mp4 Thank You!.mp4 The Brain Is A Hyperdimensional Antenna.mp4 The Cycles of Cosmic Consciousness.mp4 The Fractal State Of Consciousness.mp4 The Holographic String Matrix & The Conscious Cosmic Simulation.mp4 The Presence Of Infinite Awareness.mp4 The Universal Hyperdimensional Tree Of Consciousness.mp4 UFOs & Hyperdimensional Vibrational Technology.mp4 Unified Consciousness, Utopian Civilizations, & A Harmonious Earth.mp4 UNIVERSAL PEACE.mp4 Virtual Reality & Consciousness.mp4 Water vs Spacetime.mp4 What Is The Cosmos.mp4 Yin & Yang Universal Duality.mp4 You Are The Universe Experiencing Itself..mp4 Youniverous Channel Trailer.mp4 Youniverous Hyperdimensional Trailer.mp4 ZYLOK ON EARTH #00 Greetings Earthlings.mp4 ZYLOK ON EARTH #01 Snow Day.mp4 ZYLOK ON EARTH #02 Sustenance.mp4 ZYLOK ON EARTH #03 Hyperdimensional Holiday.mp4 tags: mind, hive, consciousness, awareness, self-realisation, transformation, insight, psychology, transhuman, posthuman
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