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You Don't Know Nicotine (2020)

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Amidst radical changes in nicotine use globally, one filmmaker's journey through the confusion & fear leads to a startling discovery about Earth's most hated stimulant. Society may be changed forever.

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I wrote a review on "Merchants of Doubt" in 2016
which addresses the habit of smoking, which in
the case of nicotine only needs a small addendum

Merchants of Doubt is exactly what this Docu does
18 September 2016
This documentary is as false and phony as it is possible to create such
a vehicle. They start of with the notion that the smoking of tobacco
causes lung cancer. There is however not a single scientific article
published which shows a correlation between the smoking of tobacco and
subsequently retrieving lung cancer. Then they go on to argue that the
evidence for the thesis that smoking causes lung cancer is found inside
internal documents from the seven big corporations of Tobacco. Public
relations firm Hill and Knowlton reportedly said to the heads of all
the big tobacco companies: "You can't deny the evidence. You can't say
smoking doesn't cause cancer. But what you can do is cast doubt." This
sentence, as is found inside a report from the big Tobacco
corporations, is definite proof according the makers of this
documentary that "smoking causes cancer". It is however still not a
valid scientific proof. The ultimate doubt was of course the public
testimony "I believe nicotine is not addictive." "The tobacco issue
broke into the public consciousness in 1953", the same year as the
National Security Agency (NSA) was founded. Rumors have it that the NSA
was in fact founded by the Russian KGB as their North American head
office. It was also the year that all wars ever since fought by the US
Army were lost or tied up in sometimes the most strange ways. 1953 was
also the year where the KGB started to kill off their CIA opponents by
handing out poisoned cigarettes. The makers then arrive at yet another
precarious carbon related issue, that of Global Warming. Again the
narrative of Merchants of Doubt states that Global Warming is for real.
In 1988 a physicist Dr. James Hansen working as a scientist at NASA
came to the conclusion that the planet Venus was so hot at 600 degrees
because of the greenhouse effect. CO2 amplifies and stores heat. Venus
has 96.5% carbon dioxide and hence the conclusion has since been, if we
want to fight Global Warming we need to put a halt to increasing CO2
levels. What the makers of the documentary seem to leave out is that
CO2 levels on our planet Earth are very very low in comparison, and
hence can never explain a thing like Global Warming. As a matter of
fact according Ian Plimer, a professor in Geology, current levels of
CO2 are less than 0.4%, and if through sequestering of CO2, according
the Paris Climate Change Treaty, the level is halved to 0.2% we would
have no terrestrial plants at all, because then the Osmotic pressure of
CO2 would become to low and the process of Photosynthesis and hence the
production of oxygen and growth of plants would seize to function. See

The makers of "You Don't Know Nicotine" state that tobacco has been in
public use for over 8000 years. Next they state that only in 1962, for
the first time, a serious report on smoking of tobacco was issued. So
apparently only after WW2 the use of tobacco was assessed as a health
security risk. As outlined in my review on "Merchants of Doubt" I
concluded that with the introduction of the cigarette, a covert cold war
tactic arose where the KGB had started to kill off their CIA opponents
by handing out poisoned cigarettes. Its not far fetched to understand
that today vape cigarettes can be used for the same nefarious purposes.

As the youtube video is not available, here's a bitchute alternative :

Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist straight to the UK Govt