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Yann Minh - NooGenesis [Multi.Media.Pack.RYBA777]

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Yann Minh - NooGenesis [Multi.Media.Pack.RYBA777]

Art Video 1

Yann Minh_ NooGenesis (V2) HD [HD].mp4

High definition (HD) 3D computer graphic movie (1920-1080, 2K), duration 4 min 30 sec by Yann Minh

Music: Beyond People, "L'inverse des Outils" (The Reverse of the Tools),

Voice : Octavie Pieron

Sound Mix : Denis Lefdup, Le Snark

Language: French - however there is a separate text file included with an english Babelfish translation

The first version without voice was done in 2006, this new version, with Octavie Pieron's voice was released in May 2009.

The original title of Noogenesis' text, is the "Le Noonaute", written in 2007 by Yann Minh for the book "Traverses, livre voyageur", published by Karen Guillorel.

NooGenesis is a small cybersexual and noospheric tale.

NooGenesis describes a metaphorical quest in the cybersphere.

Driving a robotic cybersex engine, the "noonaute" explores a metaphorical cosmogony describing the noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin.

Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre (1881–1955), French Jesuit philosopher and paleontologist. His theory, which blends science and Christianity, is that man is evolving mentally and socially toward a perfect spiritual state. The Roman Catholic Church declared that his views were unorthodox.

The term "noogenesis" was coined by the Christian mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. It means the growth or development of consciousness - the coming into being of the "noosphere". Noosphere is defined as the sphere or stage of evolutionary development characterized by the emergence or dominance of consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships.

Art Video 2

Worlds (Eric Wenger).mp4

ArtMatic Voyager Animation and Music by Eric Wenger
Alien ships by Yann Minh.

The clip explores 3 possible planets, the first male, the second female and the third hybrid.

tags: noogenesis, Yann, Minh, future, cybersex, virtual reality, cyberspace, 3D, HD, enlightenment, noonaute, evolution, spiritual, jesuit, art, consciousness, mind, alien, cyborg, android, technology, humanity, Chardin, Teilhard, philosophy