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WTC 9-11 Nuclear Demolition Directed Energy Weapons

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WTC 9-11 Nuclear Demolition Directed Energy Weapons English and German texts and videos Dimitri Khalezov - WTC Nuclear Demolition 1 to 26 - A groundbreaking interview of an ex officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence, exposing the truth of the 9/11 events. This Video series has been censored all through the web. 1) video: Dimitri Khalezov - WTC 9-11 Nuclear Demolition (720p).mp4 run time: 4 hrs 16 min Why I believe nuclear demolition fits all the evidence we know about. They didn't call it "ground zero" for nothing. Before 911, ground zero only meant the area below or above a nuclear detonation, after 911, they changed some of the dictionaries to say it was also the place where terrorists attacked the trade centers. It's all mind control. Dimitri Khalezov has been an expert in nuclear demolition for many years and has an incredible amount of proof that the buildings were taken down by underground micro nuclear demolition charges. I've added some text files on other material, such as the melted cars that could have only been done by EMP type effects caused by a nuclear bomb since there was no jet fuel burning at ground level AND some of these cars were missing engine blocks. They were totally melted. How do you melt an engine block when no fire was burning at ground level - many of these cars were 7 blocks away. They were never explained in any way. Also it was never explained why Tritium levels were 55 times more than normal at ground zero. And of course we have ALL the strange cancers from first responders and many of them have died. They were forced to wear "air quality" badges which Dimitri says were really just radiation detectors in disguise so they could monitor everybody's exposure and pull people out of the hot zones for a while when their badges reported higher radiation. Easy to lie to everybody and tell them the badge is to monitor air quality. That is pure garbage if you think about it. There is not going to be that much difference in "air quality around such a relatively small area anyway. Dimitri even said that in the 70's he was told that the Americans had authorized the twin towers to be taken down at the end of their lifetimes with small nuclear demolition charges. I did some research and it was true. It was determined that only a nuclear demolition charge could safely bring down both Towers and Building 7 because of their construction. 2) video: Dr Judy Wood - Evidence of Breakthrough Energy Technology on 9-11 (720p).mp4 run time: 2 hrs 24 min For many years, we have heard that a "free-energy device is just around the corner," but it never seems to come to fruition. Nikola Tesla wanted to give free energy to the world nearly 100 years ago but was afraid it would fall into the wrong hands and be used for destructive purposes. Well, that is no longer just a risk; it has already happened. However, until we understand just how powerful this technology is as well as how powerful the interests are that control it, we won't see it in general use. We first need to respect what this technology can do, otherwise it would be like leaving a gun cabinet unlocked around children who do not know what guns can do. We also need the world to see what this technology has done. This technology was used to destroy the World Trade Center complex on 9/11/01 and was a demonstration of a new kind of free-energy technology in front of the entire world. As more people around the world recognize this, the less power the controlling interests will have. And if the entire world knows that free-energy technology exists, individuals can openly build their own devices and share their designs with others. It won't be a secret! BIO: Dr. Judy D. Wood is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials. She is a member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM), co-founded SEM's Biological Systems and Materials Division, and has served on the SEM Composite Materials Technical Division. Dr. Wood received her B.S. (Civil Engineering, 1981) (Structural Engineering), M.S. Engineering Mechanics (Applied Physics, 1983), and Ph.D. (Materials Engineering Science, 1992). German: Dimitri A. Khalezov ist ein früherer sowjetischer Staatsbürger und ehemaliger Offizier der sogenannten „Militäreinheit 46179", auch bekannt als „Sonderkontrolldienst" des 12. Hauptdirektorats des sowjetischen Verteidigungsministeriums. Der Sonderkontrolldienst, auch als atomarer Geheimdienst (später „nuklearer" Geheimdienst) der Sowjetunion bekannt, war eine geheime Militäreinheit, die zuständig war für das Aufspüren atomarer, von Sowjetfeinden durchgeführter Sprengungen (darunter auch unterirdische Atomtests); auch die Einhaltung der verschiedenen internationalen Abkommen zu Atomwaffentests und Kernexplosionen zu friedlichen Zwecken unterlag ihrer Kontrolle. Nach dem 11. September untersuchte Khalezov die Geschehnisse akribisch und wies nach, dass die Zwillingstürme des World Trade Center wie auch das Gebäude 7 durch drei unterirdische thermonukleare Explosionen zum Einsturz gebracht worden waren -- was der Einsturzstelle den Namen „ground zero" verlieh. Darüber hinaus bezeugt er, dass er schon während seiner Zeit als Soldat beim sowjetischen Sonderkontrolldienst in den 1980er Jahren vom „Notfallsystem zur atomaren Zerstörung" wusste, das in die Zwillingstürme integriert worden war. wtc audio 9-11 Truth Was Mossad in Charge - Kevin Barrett, Dimitri Khalezov and Gordon Duff.mp3 text Dimitri Khalezov 9-11thology - Third Truth Dictionaries - ground zero definitions - update 4 9-11 ­10 JAHRE DANACH Schnittpunkt 2012 Magazin Extra.pdf 9-11 Finding the Truth.pdf 9-11 Nuclear Demolition of the WTC Who Did 911 by Dimitri Khalezov 9-11 Research Bookmarks.pdf 9-11 What did we see - A comprehensive roundup.pdf 9-11thology The third truth about 9-11 or Defending the US Government which has only the first two.pdf 11 September - Die dritte Wahrheit.pdf 911 Dimitri Khalezov The Third Truth v2.pdf Alex Jones moderators BAN this discussion Dimitri Khalezov 911 explained.pdf Aspekte zum Megaritual 11-9 2001.pdf Der Antichrist ist da.pdf Die Geschichte des Grauen Volkes.pdf Dimitri Khalezov 911thology Third Truth 911 Free 11 Chapters.pdf Dimitri Khalezov Banned from Alex Jones Prison Planet Forum.pdf Dimitri Khalezov Personal Message.pdf Eric Brehmer - Ausblick aus der Matrix Die Neue Weltordnung NWO.pdf FBI Terrorism and the False Flag War.pdf High Explosive Nanothermite – More Bark Than Bite.pdf Jeff Prager - 911 Dust 2011.pdf Jeff Prager - Nuclear 911 2011 Detailed Exposure of the Thermonuclear Demolition.pdf Mini-Neutron Bombs A Major Piece of the 9-11 Puzzle.pdf Nexus 31 Khalezov Die Dritte Wahrheit 911.pdf No Thermite on 911.pdf Proof of Advanced Fission Devices used in New York City on Sept 11th 2001 by Jeff Prager.pdf Proof of Advanced Fission Devices used in New York City on September 11th 2001 by Jeff Prager.pdf Re-exploding the WTC Nuclear Demolition Myth.pdf Review of Solving 911 The Deception That Changed the World.pdf Judy Wood 9-11 Bankers Trust Building.pdf 9-11 Finding the Truth - Andrew Johnson.pdf 9-11 Scholar Files Qui Tam lawsuit Against NIST.pdf 9-11 WTC Rust Colored Smoke.pdf Assessing Alternate Theories about the Twin-Tower Destructions.pdf Comment NIST Jerry Leaphart.pdf Dimitri Khalezov 911thology.pdf Dr Judy Wood Bio.pdf Dr Judy Wood e-mail NIST 002667.pdf Dr Judy Wood e-mail NIST RFC6.pdf Dr Judy Wood e-mail RFC Appeal17a JW.pdf Enslaving the Human Spirit with a Blue Beam.pdf Exopolitics Magazine Edition September 2015.pdf Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference.pdf Ground Zero Heat 2008.pdf High Explosive Nanothermite.pdf Is There Evidence For Directed Energy Weapon Use on World Trade Center.pdf Journey Into the Light Chapter One.pdf New Study by former Professor Examines Hurricane Erin on 9-11-01.pdf Plane Deceit at the World Trade Center.pdf Reference Dr Judy Wood WTC.pdf Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center.pdf What REALLY Happened on 9-11.pdf Where Did the Towers Go - Dr Judy Wood.pdf World Trade Center Health Program Structure.pdf WTC 911 Applying the Scientific Method.pdf WTC Molten Metal - Fact or Fiction.pdf Zionist World Domination 9-11 Involvement.pdf videos The Atom Underground Nuclear Fracking of Natural Gas The Atom Underground Nuclear Fracking of Natural Gas.m4v The Atom Underground Nuclear Fracking of Natural Gas Dimitri Khalezov - Der 11 September 2001 Die dritte Wahrheit (480p).mp4 Dimitri Khalezov - WTC 9-11 Nuclear Demolition (720p).mp4 Dr Judy Wood - Evidence of Breakthrough Energy Technology on 9-11 (720p).mp4 USSR Gas Well Blow Out - Nuclear Bomb Puts out the Fire (480p).mp4 Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from tags: nuclear, nuke, atomic, underground, 9-11, 911, WTC, demolition
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