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World War II in Color Historic Films ebooks U.S. COAST GUARD WWII COLOR FILM "TASK FORCE" 72022 Released in 1944 by Warner Brothers in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard, "Task Force" is a Technicolor short film narrated by Jackson Beck. The film focuses around Coast Guard "Task Force" duty. Besides operational glimpses, the viewer is treated to a snapshot of the life of a Coast Guardsman on and off duty. While the film contains much documentary-style footage, some sections of the film are re-enactments and the scenario presented (in which the USCG battles a German U-boat and then lands troops on a Pacific Island) seems somewhat fanciful. A review of the film when it was released stated that the movie "acquaints the public with the very important role being played by the fourth of Uncle Sam's services. It is the story of an American invasion fleet going into action on an unnamed battle front. The first attack comes after the Coast Guard cutters have sighted the enemy. All hands are ordered to battle stations. The U-boats position is fixed, depth bombs are loosened, and the submarine surfaces, the big guns go into action and the U-boat sinks. Later the Navy sends out reconnaissance planes to meet twenty on-coming enemy aircraft. Now the ack-ack of the cutter roars defiance. The destination is reached and the Navy's big guns shell the enemy's fortifications through the day and through the night. Then comes the landing of the troops" 6th MARINE CORPS AT OKINAWA WORLD WAR II Reel 1 OF 2 20912 Created in 1945, this documentary film shows the massive battle for the island of Okinawa, focusing on the activities of the American 6th Marine Division. The 6th Marine Division was formed in September 1944. During the invasion of Okinawa it saw combat at Yae-Take and Sugar Loaf Hill and was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation. The 6th Division had also prepared for the invasion of Japan before the war ended. After the war it served in Tsingtao, China where the division was disbanded on April 1, 1946, being the only Marine division to be formed and disbanded overseas and never set foot in the United States. The Division's initial objectives in the amphibious landing was the capture of Yontan Airfield while protecting the left (North) Flank.Despite a Japanese battalion in their zone the Division met only light resistance and by the 3rd day was approaching Iskhikawa, twelve days ahead of schedule. By 14 April, the division had swept all through the northern Ishikawa Isthmus – 55 miles from the original landings. The division's rapid advance continued until eventually they encountered prepared and dug-in defenders at Yae-Take, where the majority of the Udo Force was entrenched. The Udo Force, or Kunigami Detachment, under Colonel Takehiko Udo was built around the 2d Infantry Unit of the 44th Independent Mixed Brigade – reinforced by having absorbed both former sea-raiding suicide squadrons and remnants of the Battalion earlier destroyed by the 6th – was responsible for defense of the Motobu Peninsula and Ie Shima. The 6th Division's drive captured most of northern Okinawa and the Division won praise for its fast campaign – Brigadier General Oliver P. Smith wrote: "The campaign in the north should dispel the belief held by some that Marines are beach-bound and are not capable of rapid movement." GUADALCANAL THEN AND NOW TRUE ADVENTURE - Bill Burrud , Traventure , WWII 80280 True Adventure was one of several traventure programs produced and hosted by Bill Burrud that aired during the 1950s and 1960s. This particular episode looks into life on Guadalcanal almost twenty years after WWII. ebooks Atlas of World War II 1985.pdf Atlas of World War II.pdf British Intelligence in the Second World War Vol 4.pdf Eyewitness History of World War II Counterattack.pdf History of World War II.pdf Hoffmann Heinrich, Goebbels Joseph, Adolf Hitler.pdf Litynski - World War II Part 1 Organized Crime.pdf Litynski - World War II Part 2 The Establishment of a New World Order.pdf Overy, Richard - Russia's War.pdf Photo Book Adolf Hitler Nazi Propaganda Photos Vol 3.pdf Tanks of World War Two.pdf The German Navy in World War II.pdf The Nazis, Time Life, World War II.pdf The Origins of the Second World War.pdf The Second World War, Asia and the Pacific.pdf The Secret World War II.pdf The Speeches of Adolf Hitler 1921-1941.pdf USAF Tactical Operations, World War II and Korean War.pdf War Ships The Illustrated History of the German Navy in WWII.pdf World War II in Photographs by Mexakin.pdf videos 6th MARINE CORPS AT OKINAWA WORLD WAR II Reel 1 OF 2 20912 (480p).mp4 1938 NAZI GERMANY - Trip to Nazi Germany & Adolph Hitler Speech in Color 3275 (480p).mp4 AT THE FRONT IN NORTH AFRICA WWII in COLOR TUNISIA 1942 3431 (480p).mp4 CARVING .45 CALIBER AUTOMATICS OUT OF STEEL WWII UNION SWITCH AND SIGNAL MOVIE 44524 (480p).mp4 CLARK GABLE WORLD WAR II COMBAT AMERICA RAW FOOTAGE #1 27012 (480p).mp4 CLARK GABLE WORLD WAR II COMBAT AMERICA RAW FOOTAGE #2 29392 (480p).mp4 COMBAT AMERICA - WWII , Clark Gable , Bob Hope 22340 (480p).mp4 GUADALCANAL THEN AND NOW TRUE ADVENTURE - Bill Burrud , Traventure , WWII 80280 (480p).mp4 NEW YORK CITY IN WWII HOME MOVIE TIMES SQUARE & NIAGARA FALLS 44134 (480p).mp4 OCCUPIED JAPAN HOME MOVIES YOKOTA AIR FORCE BASE Baseball, Control Line Model Planes 3478 (480p).mp4 OFFICIAL FILMS NEWSREEL 1941 Vol 2 DOUGLAS XB-19 BOMBER, ATLANTIC MEETING 8472 (480p).mp4 POST WWII COLOR FILM CHILDREN OF EUROPE BY THEODORE ANDRICA 3439 (480p).mp4 POST WWII HOME MOVIES OF BOMB SHATTERED GERMANY 71262 (480p).mp4 REMEMBER THESE FACES WORLD WAR II COLOR 7th WAR LOAN FILM 42414 (480p).mp4 THE LAST BOMB - U.S. Army Air Force , B-29 Raids on Japan , WWII 3357 2205 (480p).mp4 THUNDERHEADS OVER THE PACIFIC - WWII Travelogue in Color , Minneapolis Moline , Darrel Brady 3281 (480p).mp4 U-Boats on Patrol - German Propaganda, Battle of the Atlantic 20370 HD (480p).mp4 U.S. ARMY OPERATION TORCH AT THE FRONT IN NORTH AFRICA JOHN FORD 75462 (480p).mp4 U.S. COAST GUARD WWII COLOR FILM TASK FORCE 72022 (480p).mp4 USCG NORTH ATLANTIC CONVOY DUTY 82530 (480p).mp4 USCG North Atlantic Convoy Duty 82530 HD (480p).mp4 WORLD WAR II CHINA BURMA INDIA THEATER 10th AIR FORCE HOME MOVIES 27554 (480p).mp4 WORLD WAR II U.S. NAVY MOVIE COMBAT PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMMAKING SUNSET IN THE PACIFIC 81884 (480p).mp4 WWII HVAR FFAR AIRCRAFT & SHIP LAUNCHED ROCKETS IN COLOR 27242 (480p).mp4 WWII LAUREL AND HARDY PROPAGANDA FILM TREE IN A TEST TUBE 3455 (480p).mp4 Your Ship in Action - Color, U.S. Navy Heavy Cruiser in the Pacific, World War II 20360 HD (480p).mp4 tags: world war, USA, Germany, history, Nazi, America, battle, navy, air force, WWII
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