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World Freedom Alliance (2020.11.21, Copenhagen) Fight for Freedom

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World Freedom Alliance 2020-11 Copenhagen - Fight for Freedom JFK21.mp4
(This title reflects the on-screen text in large letters at the start.
It appears that there was another Copenhagen demonstration in February, 2021.)

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Oracle Films,
"We are professional filmmakers that have joined the fight for open debate and freedom of information in the face of global government encroachment and big-tech censorship."

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"World Freedom Alliance WFA 2021 Copenhagen Denmark Europe- Fight for freedom JFK21 JFK 21 starring Mads Pasvig, Heiko Schoening, Dolores Cahill, Maneka Helleberg, Fiona Hine, Justyna Walker and Mikael Nordfors. Covid 19 Hoax, plandemic, scamdemic"

"This is licensed footage of Oracle Films at - All assets in this film are not to be monetised by anyone other than Oracle Films' official channels. Footage can be duplicated and shared anywhere online, though Oracle Films should be credited."