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This is an encrypted file designed to be widely distributed as insurance should anything happen to Wikileaks or Julian Assange (the password would be published enabling decryption). Credible rumors are circulating that Assange will be evicted from the Ecuador embassy in London imminantly.

Do not download these files unless you are willing to devote the space to data you won't be able to see.


I have tried to download this torrent in 4 different clients, namely Transmission, aria2, qbittorrent, and Tixati. Each of them has the same sort of error about bad metadata in the torrent file. Some of them say something like: Missing piece length in torrent metainfo.
I'm really not sure what the problem is. Is there too much data? Did you accidentally upload a broken torrent file? Please help out here; this could be very important data.

...with the piece length. It's fixed now...