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William Cooper - Envoys of Mankind 1 & 2

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william cooper..envoys of mankind 1 and 2...
as my internet connection isnt the best,for the firsts of you,it will take a bit of time to download it ....

We need to understand the social and political nature and origins of
humanity, and its astronaut or cosmonaut envoys, just as much as we need
to understand their cosmic and evolutionary nature and origins.
Therefore, we shall begin to examine these bio-survival and
socio-transitional aspects of humanity’s new yeoman efforts in space:
what is it all about...
Although national and ethnic identities remained dominant at the advent
of the Space Age, global society had been forced into different forms of
interaction never before seen, cooperation, and conflict, and thus into
a growing necessity to recognize and accept the principles, aspirations,
needs, and perspectives that are common to all people.