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William Cooper - Death Of A Conspiracy Salesman by comander x

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THE INSIDE STORY NO ONE ELSE DARES PUBLISH! NEWS FLASH -- EAGAR, ARIZONA On November 5, William Cooper was shot to death by sheriff deputies in an exchange of gunfire, fulfilling his often-stated wish to go out in a blaze of glory. News of Cooper's death spread quickly via the Internet, as friend and foe aline posted letters and tributes describing their past, often c... more »onfrontational, ecounters with an individual many consider to be the most controversial man in American history. But who was Bill Cooper??? Was he a true patriot? A tough survivalist? Or simply a fanatic? Some knew him as a UFO "expert" (having claimed insider information on the governments actual knowledge of extraterrestrials living amongst us)...A conspiracy theorist...a former Navy Intelligence operative...and the person the President once called "the most dangerous man on American airwaves." Here is the INSIDE STORY as told by a fellow patriot and government whistle blower. COMMANDER X claims close "ties" to various branches of the government and like Cooper sees himself as a foe of the New World Order. Commander X has collected together for the first time Cooper's thoughts and finds on such subjects as: * The Illuminati. * The Kennedy Assassination. * MJ 12 and the UFO Cover-UP. * Area 51. * The Anti Christ. * The World Trade Center Disaster. * Gun Control. * The Constitution. * Skull and Bones Society. Cooper always said he acted from his "conscience" and sought to warn all Americans of the dangers of the New World Order, creeping socialism and our own brand of Nazism. Was his death accidential -- or something more SINISTER? Perhaps you can judge better after reading DEATH OF A CONSPIRACY SALESMAN