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William Cooper - Assassin Unmasked

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William Cooper - Assassin Unmasked - roflcopter2110

William Cooper - Assassin Unmasked MP4 - roflcopter2110.mp4 - 45min 38s 352 x 288

Covers agenda and motive behind the JFK assassination and use of shellfish toxin; Bill explains Japan’s analysis that it was William Greer who assassinated JFK. Bill exposes gun invented by CIA that can shoot toxins via pellets or darts, then goes on to introduce the best available footage of the assassination (Zapruder film), and refutes the claim that the pistol in William Greers hand was just a reflection off agent Kellermans head; Bill finishes up with what people can do positive with the video and goes on to tell that the men who killed JFK are the architects of the New World Order. An amazing video that will educate even the most educated of researchers.

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Yes kids, Cooper once again lifts the lids of our dulled eyes and exposes the truth!

the originator of the driver did it bollocks......