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William Alexander Oribello - The Master Book of Spiritual Power

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The information in this book is the master key which unlocks the door to higher dimensions of peace and power. A better life awaits you, a life in which you may banish the negative fetters of doubt, fear and guilt, so that you may be all you were intended to be. However, just reading this book will not do it -- you must apply the principles set forth, and thus create a firm foundation upon which you can build a new and better life.

Read it casually from start to finish. If something is not clear just proceed to the next point of teaching until you have finished the book. Then read it a second time, pausing to apply the experiments and techniques.

The greatest ability you will master is how to apply this glorious spiritual teaching to your daily life. Refer to this book from time to time for inner wisdom and guidance and it will be your pathway to Divine Truth which liberates the faithful student from mortal darkness.

Before we explore the Seven--Fold Path I will reveal the great foundation for success in all types of mystic and psychic development; It is deep breathing and relaxation. This practice has been referred to as "The Silence"; "The Inner Temple of Prayer" and by other terms. It is, simply stated, going within to the very center of our being by stilling the senses and relaxing, the physical body. This is the supreme method for opening our inner awareness.