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Wikileaks - Made by the NSA (2017)

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Wikileaks - Made by the NSA (2017) In conspiracy circles Wikileaks generates much excitement. But not at Richplanet. Whenever you hear the words “Assange” or “Wikileaks” in relation to some new “leak”, there are the questions you ought to be asking yourself : What is the ulterior motive for this leak and am I being taken for a ride here? In today’s programme, for the first time anywhere I reveal just how much of a handled entity Julian Assange is. Assange is not an independent activist, but is chauffeured around by establishment handlers. He is not a wanted criminal, he is not being given asylum, he is not a whistleblower, he is not an advocate of freedom of information. He is an intelligence created tool being used to front one of the biggest psy-ops currently in operation on this planet. Wikileaks is funded and supported by globalists who are using it for a number of agendas. videos Wikileaks _ Made by the N.S.A. - PART 1 OF 4.mp4 Wikileaks _ Made by the N.S.A. - PART 2 OF 4.mp4 Wikileaks _ Made by the N.S.A. - PART 3 OF 4.mp4 Wikileaks _ Made by the N.S.A. - PART 4 OF 4.mp4 ebooks Assange Julian WikiLeaks.pdf Julian Assange.pdf The Epic Fail of Assange and Wikileaks.pdf Us Intel Wikileaks.pdf tags: NSA, Wikileaks, deception, Julian Assange, psyops, CIA
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Its about time someone talk about this... its well know that Weak_Liks was funded by Soros from the start.