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WideShut UK 2012.02.13 Syria; Bank of England; Greek Police; 'Back to Work' Loophole

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Syria’s Not So Spinning Spin Doctor

This week Keelan discusses the story of Syrian President Assad supposedly using a spin doctor to prepare for his interview with Barbara Walters, and why the story itself is propaganda. He also touches on the Bank of England’s 3rd round of QE, Greek police waking up, and the back to work loophole that means retail chains can use slave labour in the UK.

• How a New York spin doctor coached Syrian dictator:
• Direct Link To Emails:
• Sheherazade Ja’afari Profile:
• MI6 and British Troops Already In Syria:
• QE Explained:
• Fascist Government Providing Corporations Free Slave Labour:
• Greek Police Fight For Sovereignty; Will Arrest IMF/EU Dictators:

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