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BBC Radio 4

In Britain, the government is arguing for the morality in hunting down poeple who habitually share music online. These people, they argue, are effectively stealing from the hundreds of musicians whose time, energy and money goes into creating a song.

But how many people agree? Surely culture should be freely available?

Have a look at the arguments made on the BBC website here. And another online debate here.

RG for the UK had this to say:

No music artist lives off record sales, most of their income comes from the tours they perform. The studios and publishers are the ones that most profit from these sales. They say they are losing billions of pounds, but this is blatenly incorrect, since most people that download a track wouldnt buy it if they couldnt dounload it. Furthermore many people first download an album and if they like it they will later purchase it, yet they still count these people in the profit loss estimates
Are you prepared to download music for free from the internet or buy pirate cds from a man on the street?

Is it immoral to do so?