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Thank you DieDaily for the editing of this text it is much appreciated and for the benefit of us info warriors.

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Note by DieDaily about this version (v2.0). This is not the original document. I liked the message but the language problems made it harder to take it seriously. So, the spelling, grammar and wording of this article have been radically cleaned up for the benefit of English readers in this version. While nearly every sentence and paragraph has been reworked in some way (resulting in a little over 1500 changes) I hope and believe that in no instance have I significantly altered the Author’s intended meaning. Nor did I try to fix everything…that would have required a massive re-write and total re-organization. I am open to feedback. If you discover any case in which I have accidentally changed or omitted any of the substance of the original document please message me (user DieDaily at and I promise to either correct or justify what I changed. I’m arbitrarily designating this as version: v2.0 completed on Dec 26th, 2008.

1. Introduction

Electronic chips became so "ordinary" nowadays that we don't even think about them anymore. They are everywhere: in our calculators, our computers, our household appliance etc.

For a couple of years, we also have been finding them on our bank cards, social security cards, credit cards and even...on our identity cards! Microchips that are very similar to those that are spoken of in this article are also implanted under the skin of animals. They contain medical data (name, vaccinations, etc.); they also allow identification, localization, and tracking so that you can find them by satellite when they got lost or escape.

In short: what yesterday was science-fiction nowadays is reality.

But let's go on with the thought: if one succeeded in implementing that technique on animals, why couldn't we do the same thing to human beings?

This is technically and technologically possible. Of course, we have legal, moral and ethical rules and also our Human Rights (that are flouted every day) to "protect" us...but are those fences truly sufficient and efficient?

A priori, the hypothesis of a microchip implanted in humans on a huge scale could be thought of as pure paranoia; however, after reading this article, maybe you'll change your mind. What was being prepared without our knowledge has become apparent, fortunately, and a nightmarish scenario will--MAYBE!--be avoided thanks to us, thanks to YOU, if you react in time! So, GET UP! Today, the time has come for you to act on behalf of your children and of future generations, or else this planet will soon be crowded with zombies guided by the will of those who have implanted them with the microchip.

Please read this article through to the end and let it help you make up your mind. The choice is yours. Yet, I hope that you'll choose to act, because the things we discuss are happening HERE AND NOW! You can verify that this is the truth by following the links that are added at the end of this article (see 9. Sources and References).

2. History of the subcutaneous microchip

The subcutaneous microchip is not a brand new invention; it's been worked on for more than 30 years, as the testimony of Dr. Sanders shows.

Dr. Carl W. Sanders is an electronics engineer and an inventor who worked for many governmental organizations and companies such as IBM, General Electric, Honeywell and Teledyn. For 32 years he worked in the bio-medical field focusing on microchips.

In 1968 he took part in a research project focussed on a "spinal bridge" in order to heal a lady whose spine had been severely injured. The goal was to find a solution to link the motor nerves, etc. That project led to the creation of a microchip that recharges itself automatically using the human body's temperature variations, giving it an almost unlimited life expectancy. In order to do this, the microchip is equipped with a thermo-electrical recharging circuit, and a small rechargeable lithium battery. It's interesting to note that back then lithium was used a lot, notably by the NASA.

Dr. Sanders was advised by a doctor of Boston Medical Centre that if the microchip broke inside a human body, the lithium would cause a severe and painful wound filled with pus. But despite that danger, he still decided to use a lithium battery for the microchip.

After spending $1.5 million for that purpose it was found that the two places in the human body where temperature changes most quickly are the forehead (just down the hairline) and the back of the hand.

Because of financial considerations (the microchip "was not bringing enough money" ), the ones responsible for the project were told that they were to find new applications for that chip.

As it had been noticed that the microchip's frequency changes had some effects on the patient's behaviour once the microchip had been implanted in the body, they focussed their research on the possibility of modifying human behaviour with the help of the microchip. The microchip could broadcast a signal stimulating different parts of the brain. It was possible, for example, to raise adrenaline levels which then caused a change in behaviour.

Furthermore, according to the discoveries made by Carl Sanders and his team, birth control can be implemented through the use of the chip. The chip can stop the production of hormones in the area of the pituitary gland causing immediate menopause. This was studied in India and in other parts of the world. The ultimate purpose of the powers that control the world is to reduce the global population by 90%: a size that is easier to control, according to them.

During a meeting with members of the CIA and important personalities such as Henry Kissinger (ancient American secretary of State who's in favour of a New World Order and who has a more than dubious past under President Nixon for whom he personally supervised the major operations of the CIA, FBI, and military officials), it was brought to Dr. Sanders' attention that, in order to be able to control the population, it was necessary to IDENTIFY it first.

So the project had to be reoriented once again, and they added to the microchip the ability to record (and recall) data that could include the name and the face of the individual, his social security number (with international codes), his fingerprints, his physical description, his family genealogy, his address, his job, information about his taxes and medical records. The "recalling" of the data can be done with special scanners that analyze and process the data contained in the microchip.

At that time, Dr. Sanders was working for the company “Lucent Technologies”. He baptized his subcutaneous microchip for humans the “#BT952000”. During the invention and configuration of the #BT952000 chip, the computer that Sanders used was a “Data-Net 30”. That computer already had a 18 bit name divided in 3 groups of 6 bits (6, 6, 6), to be precise. Sanders (who wasn’t a believer back then and who didn’t pay attention to such things as numerology) also used for the microchip, logically and for convenience, a name corresponding to 18 bits, divided in 3 groups of 6 bits (6, 6, 6). Afterwards, Dr. Sanders realized that he was fooled and that he actually took part in the creation of an awful device, that might even be the “mark of the Beast” described in St John’s Revelations (see section 6 of this article). He became a believer afterward and he now goes around the world warning people about this technology.

Among its components, the microchip has a transmitter-receiver that sends a pulsed digital signal that transmits 85 data elements. It also transmits, at regular intervals, a digital signal which relays important information and, ultimately, can be used to localize (locate) the implanted person. The bearer of the microchip thus becomes a "living antenna" that can be monitored by satellite!

Dr. Sanders took part in 17 meetings around the world (including Brussels and Luxemburg) where these matters were discussed with the aim of a worldwide government and a worldwide currency. (Before laughing at the idea of a worldwide currency, look at the evolution in Europe, for instance, where national currencies were replaced by a supranational currency: the euro. Furthermore, take a look at the “Terra” project that the Da Vinci Institute and the Future of Money summit prepared for us, for it is clearly a worldwide currency project. For further information about this please go to or to

Realizing the terrifying possibilities of the microchip, Carl Sanders, after finishing the project, decided to do prevention and to warn populations about the dangers that the subcutaneous microchip present. This microchip, thanks to miniaturization, doesn't measure more than one millimetre, contains 250,000 elements and can be implanted under the skin with a hypodermic syringe using a local anesthetic.

One of the first identification microchips was the TX1400L transponder made by the Destron company (US patents 4730188 and 5041826), originally designed for animals BUT whose advertisements stated that “although it was designed to be injected in animals, this transponder may be used for other applications requiring an identification tag”!

Dr Daniel Man was the first to get a patent in the USA for a microchip to be used on humans. He wanted to “locate lost or kidnapped kids”.

Jack Dunlap, an entrepreneur from Arizona, proposed the KIDSCAN system, supposedly to track children whose implanted chip would send signals to satellites. That system, fortunately, never saw the light of day but right now such systems do exist, including those intended for children! We will explore this in the sequel to this article.

It is important to note that children are always a particularly high priority target in the development of subcutaneous microchips for humans. The reason for this interest in children is developed in section 5 (How “they” will try to make people accept the microchip implant).

Implanted under the skin with a hypodermic syringe using local anaesthesia.

3. What about today?

Currently medicine uses micro-surgery and begins to use small “electronic pills” that take pictures of the interior of our bodies (see and get some information about the M2A pill-camera). There is more and more spoken about “nanotechnology” (a technology that is miniaturized to a microscopic or even molecular scale). The abortion pill is in sale in pharmacies, contraceptive implants are available, and some genetic experiments on embryos have been undertaken. Cloning experiments have begun, cell phones have been massively commercialised and these emit waves and frequencies that are dangerous to your health. From all of this, what do we notice?

- First of all, we were progressively led to adopt barcodes, then microchips on our cards: bank cards, social security cards, credit cards and even identity cards for some countries (such as the new Belgian identity card). Finally, microchips called “transponders” were implanted under the skin of animals.

The question is: what will be the next step?

- We now have operational orientation or localization systems that work via satellites (relay antennas and GPS, or Global Positioning System, for example)

- We have progressively discovered more and more examples of the development and usage of chemical, bacteriological and nuclear weapons.

- Governments and their institutions increasingly bypass the concept of the sovereign nation through membership in international groups (UN, WTO, OECD, IMF, World Bank, etc.) whereby they are transformed more and more into global organizations.

- Economic concerns have prevailed in many decisions resulting in increased globalization under the control of a multinational corporate hegemony whose power and influence has increased to such an extent that it can exceed that of national governments.

- The media has a huge impact on populations and it employs systems of transmission and dissemination that are faster than ever before.

But what’s up regarding the subcutaneous microchip?

Well, today the subcutaneous microchip is part of what has been termed “RFID” technology (for Radio Frequency Identification Devices), and is also known as an ICT implant (and implants that makes use of Internet and Communication Technologies).

Since the end of 2002 it has been possible for any citizen in the United States of America to get the microchip implant for the “modest” sum of 200 dollars! The company ADS (Applied Digital Solutions Inc.) through its subsidiary company Verichip was authorized to commercialise its revolting microchip implant, also named “Verichip”. The current version of Verichip works with handheld proprietary scanners/readers and with online databases that provide information (public AND private). In the very near future GPS-based Verichip, just like the cell phone that we all know, will integrate with relay antennas and the GPS satellite system. Its bearer will be locatable from space. For further information, please go to: or

Furthermore, this microchip implant has an ID number containing 18 digits, and that number is divided in 3 groups of 6 digits (6, 6, 6) does this remind you anything?. You might ask “So what’s the problem?”, since those good people freely chose that option? Well, the problem lies here: legislation has passed through the American Congress that permits the injection of the microchip implant in children at birth for so-called “identification purposes”. Moreover, the US president, following article 100 of the 1986 law on the control of immigration, has the power to impose any kind of identification measure that he finds necessary and this would include a subcutaneous microchip. The microchip implant was used during the Gulf war in august 1991. It has already been tested on soldiers, government officials and the employees of some companies. If we don't fight now, then soon it will be too late and the chip will become mandatory for everyone!

John Ashcroft, the US ex-Attorney General (and also a general), allowed the development of “internment camps for civilians”. In a video called “Gulag USA” it was demonstrated that not only are these camps are outfitted with torture facilities, but also with facilities for implanting prisoners with the subcutaneous microchip! During World War II the Nazis would “mark” prisoners at the entrance of the camps with tattoos. Now, in these camps for civilians, US authorities would mark the prisoners (civilians!) with subcutaneous microchips in order to identify them and follow their every move!

Even scarier: lately, the US independent press warned about the existence of a project that will make the “chipping” of homeless people mandatory in five states, including New York and California! This means that the microchip will begin to become MANDATORY, starting with the weakest segments of the population! The pretext invoked makes an analogy between homelessness and criminality (the homeless “become criminals easily”)!

In October 2004, the Food and Drug Administration gave the authorization to the Verichip to be used in US hospitals “for medical purposes”, even though this disgusting implant represents a danger to people’s health (see section 4: the true dangers of the microchip and its functions) Question: who, during his or her lifetime, doesn’t go to the hospital at least once? If one begins to “chip” sick people in hospitals for so-called “medical monitoring” purposes, the whole population will be chipped sooner or later!

The Food and Drug Administration classified the Verichip as a “class II medical device requiring special controls”!

American intellectuals and CEOs also began to be “chipped”!

The Verichip has begun to be used in American hospitals! For instance, the Boston-based Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center installed, in its emergency room, Verichip scanners/readers, and readies itself to chip patients!

Still in the USA, a bus called the “Chipmobile” drives through the different states trying to encourage people to get chipped! And when they find a place where plenty of unaware people are interested in getting chipped, Verichip Corporation builds a Verichip center to spread the chip and its influence!

Finally, again in the USA, we have the latest alarming news: a former Wisconsin Governor (and ex-Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services under George W. Bush), Tommy Thompson, has just joined the Applied Digital Solutions board of directors and should get "chipped" very soon.


In September, 2005 after the ravages caused by the hurricane "Katrina", Verichip Corporation chipped the corpses of the victims of this terrible natural disaster. Some more free advertisement for the scum from Verichip Corp.! Besides, some stocks of microchips were made in Louisiana and in Mississippi "just in case there would be other natural disasters".

But the microchip’s ravages are not limited to the USA. Right now we can see that all parts of the world are threatened by this terrible problem! See below:

Recently Applied Digital Solutions (a company that commercialises the subcutaneous microchip) signed new trade agreements with other countries for the “Verichip” and the “Digital Angel”. This is how Mexico, South Korea, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, the Caribbean Islands, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Central America and South Africa were contaminated, in just a couple of months, by the phenomenon of the microchip implant. In Mexico and in Brazil, kids are even being "chipped"!

A little while ago, the Attorney General of Mexico was implanted with the Verichip, along with some of his employees!

Malaysia just got microchips (a different brand than those of Applied Digital Solutions) that can, among its other uses, be implanted under the skin “to identify people”.

Malaysia also just adopted the Verichip. Indeed, some Asian countries recently signed an agreement with Applied Digital Solutions and Verichip Corp. for the purchase and distribution (spread over 3 years) of 65,825 Verichips and a minimum of 4,687 scanners! These countries are Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea!

Canada, through British Columbia, has just been contaminated: Applied Digital Solutions has submitted a bid to buy a British Columbia-based company called EXI Wireless Inc. This purchase will add roughly 200 retailers and distributors to Verichip Corporation! The purpose, which has been openly admitted, is to spread and distribute to the maximum extent possible the Verichip in American and Canadian hospitals!

And now Africa, Singapore, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia also have their own authorized Verichip distributors!

In November 2003, during a safety fair in Paris, Applied Digital Solutions’ boss made a sensational statement, revealing that the Verichip could be the “ultimate means of protection” and that it could even bring about a cashless society! So it seems that a primary purpose of the subcutaneous microchip for humans is the “worldwide currency” that Carl W. Sanders warned us about!

After the earthquakes and tsunami that ravaged Asia near the end of 2004, some corpses were “chipped” for later identification, and also in order to “avoid epidemics” and to allow the harshly stricken families not to suffer even more from the knowledge that one of theirs would “rest in an anonymous grave”. These arguments are actually humanistic or medical pretexts given in order to present the chip as “useful”, “convenient” and “unavoidable” to the eyes of the public.

Finally, turning to Europe, Applied Digital Solutions recently found a distributor in Spain (where the “terrorist” attacks happened in March, 2004...coincidence?) as well as in the United Kingdom (great friend of the USA) it was decided that they would follow suit with the movement for worldwide dictatorship. Applied Digital Solutions, via its fully owned subsidiary Verichip Corp., signed commercial agreements with a London-based company, Surge IT Solutions, for the distribution of the Verichip (9,000 subcutaneous microchips for humans and 110 scanners were ordered)! Switzerland and Russia also joined the “microchip countries”, ordering both “Verichip” microchip implants and “Verichip reader” scanners. Lately, it’s the Netherlands, Italy and Germany (September, 2005 for Germany) that has been infected by this scourge! So, Europe has not been spared, and the subcutaneous microchip for humans is already present on European soil!

More than 30 countries around the world (including European countries) have thus already been touched by the scourge of the microchip implant! All of this seems to confirm the “worldwide plan” that Dr. Karl W. Sanders has been denouncing for a long time!

Worse yet: in Barcelona, Spain, a nightclub company called “Baja Beach Club” uses the Verichip as a subscription for its faithful customers and for its VIP’s. The owner of the nightclub company encourages people to get chipped! Since June 2004, the Verichip is also proposed in the Baja Beach Club in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)! The Verichip will soon be introduced in a new Baja Beach Club in Cologne (Germany). A bar called Bar Soba in Glasgow, U.K. (the United Kingdom, let’s not forget, has an official Verichip distributor) also offers the Verichip to his regulars, and its boss (what a “coincidence”) also got chipped at the Baja Beach Club, in Barcelona! Could the Verichip become a “fashion gadget”? Every effort is being made to make it so.

In Italy, the Verichip was introduced in April, 2004 in a hospital in Rome, for which it received an award in March, 2005!

In France the government envisioned, for the elderly people residing in nursing homes, RFID chip bracelets or Verichip implants! And Verichip Corporation planned to find, by the end of 2005, a reliable distributor for France!

In Europe the development of chip identity cards and transponders (i.e. subcutaneous microchips) for animals demonstrates us that we humans could follow suit very soon, even more so now that the subcutaneous microchip for humans (the “Verichip”) is already on our ground! This is a notable consequence of the so-called “terrorist peril” that threatens us all and offers a pretext for everything and anything.

Recently the European ethics group for sciences and new technologies gave the European commission a report on “ICT implants” (implants that employ the new information and communication technologies) of which the subcutaneous microchip is a component!

In this report the “ethics” group recognizes the dangers of the implant with regard to privacy but also with regard to “human identity” and “individual subjectivity” (so, the influence of these implants on free-agency and for behavioural control is recognized)! But this “ethics” group also recognizes the “beneficial” use of the microchip as a medical tool! And for non medical applications, it advises that if legislators find themselves in a situation obliging them to use that technology for SURVEILLANCE (or more, and that kind of extreme situation is of course not defined or described in the report) then the use of these implants should be authorized!

On a still scarier note, the report tells us about CEREBRAL implants and speaks about “human improvement”, notably for persons with slight genetic malformations, diseases or deficiencies, and other abnormalities that are not visible at first glance! Are we back in the Nazi era with their stupid “superman” theory and the elimination or exploitation of the weak, the handicapped, etc.?

The G29 (an advisory committee of the European Commission) released a report on RFID. This report, in substance, recognizes the dangers of RFID to privacy, BUT RECOMMENDS NO ACTION OR REGULATION UNTIL MISUSES ARE COMMITTED!

So, Europe is more than ever threatened by this liberticidal and hyper-dangerous technology!

Finally, another type of microchip (called an RFID tag or RFID microchip = radio frequency identification device) can be put on consumer goods, for “logistical” reasons. This system has already been in use by the US Army for a while, but private companies are beginning to use it too: Gillette razors, Benetton Clothes and the supermarket chain “Carrefour” will put tiny chips on their products that transmit signals which, officially, would allow them to “supply the stores” with their products as soon as these stores are low on stock. But who knows the role of these “tiny spies” which shoppers will tend to bring home? Some consumer groups already (and rightly) denounce this invasion of privacy.

Question: Is Applied Digital Solutions’ Verichip the ONLY microchip implant for humans?

NO, absolutely not! At the moment Applied Digital Solutions’ Verichip is simply the chip that is mentioned the most by the media. The market for disgusting microchip implants for humans tends to expand itself. Ideas (good or bad) which will bring in money from a potentially very juicy market often attract additional companies (irrespective of moral or ethical problems). We currently see other chip producing companies developing these highly questionable microchip implants for humans!

For instance, the European company TROVAN has also commercialised a subcutaneous microchip for humans (see the site There are two models of their chip implant: the Trovan ID 100IH, and the Trovan ID 100IH/A. The difference between these two models is not mentioned, but possibly one of them is a “passive” model, and that the other one is “active”. Of most concern is that Trovan already has many official distributors that supply Trovan products to 80 governmental agencies in more than 20 countries. These are: Argentina, Australia, the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg), Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark), Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom and (of course) the USA. All of these countries have existing official Trovan distributors!

The Malaysian microchip that, among other things, can be implanted subcutaneously in humans is produced by the FEC company ( Of course all of these subcutaneous microchips present similar dangers, and offer similar potential applications which carry numerous risks and present untold possible risks!

4. The true dangers of the microchip and its functions

This new technology has multiple risks:

- As we saw before, the microchip implant contains multiple data some of which can be very personal (genealogy and family history, information about tax reports, criminal record, etc.). The use of these microchips could bring about glaring infringements upon the right to privacy. Currently even policemen don’t have access to this many details about members of the public! One would have to gain access to the combined records of the police, banks, the Ministry of Finance, courthouses and city halls, doctors, and the Social Security system in order to compile as precise and comprehensive a personal file as that which the microchip will allow!

- Given the current capabilities of surveillance satellites (the most powerful of which are able to resolve the content of a magazine being read) and of localization systems (GPS), we have good reason to fear that the microchip can be used to monitor our every slightest deed. We could not only be located and spotted, but in theory we could be filmed at will. It is not only an infringement upon our most fundamental rights but also outright espionage. One shudders at the thought of the applications that could emanate from the widespread use of implants. Freedom of association, expression and even choice is threatened! In other words, the microchip implant promises a power of intimidation never before dreamt of, and heralds the coming of the age of “Big Brother”!

- Next, there are the immense health risks: first is the risk of the microchip breaking inside the organism which would result in a painful and purulent wound from the lithium contained in the battery, as was discussed earlier. Furthermore, given that the electromagnetic radiation produced by the microchip has direct effects on the host organism and its behaviour, we can only imagine what ravages it might wreak upon the health and well-being of individuals! Incidentally evidence has emerged that the waves spread by RFID technologies can cause cancer by breaking nearby DNA strands! Very recently, an article recognized the medical risks of the subcutaneous microchip to humans. These risks are as follows: adverse tissue reaction, migration of implanted transponder, failure of implanted transponder, electromagnetic interference, electrical hazards, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) incompatibility and needle stick. With regard to MRI, electrical currents may be induced in the implants which can cause "potentially severe patient burns."

- But there is much worse. Let’s not be naïve. One must assume that there is a purpose behind the various research projects conducted by the CIA (and eminent members of the government who were involved in the control of the army) on mind control, which include the use of electromagnetic waves to control humans! We know that the energy that activates neurotransmitters can be transmitted by certain radio frequencies. One of the possibilities for cerebral transmitters is to influence people’s behaviours (for example, so that they would conform to a political system). Individual and social behaviours can be affected, and emotional and mental reactions can be aroused, maintained, modified or inhibited, in animals as well as humans, by stimulating specific structures within the brain. In concrete terms, what exactly does this mean? It means that one can, for instance, amplify the effects of waves transmitted by satellites using the microchip as a relay. These waves can stimulate or dampen the production of hormones. For example, “one” can elevate or reduce adrenalin levels, which will in turn increase or reduce levels of anxiety, aggression, etc. In other words, the subcutaneous microchip for humans is potentially a “mind control” device, and represents a serious risk of the suppression of free-agency and liberty of thought!

- Birth control risk: by the same means employed for mind control (the microchip, waves of certain frequencies, satellites, the GPS system, ground stations and antennas), fertility can be controlled too! Since it is possible to stimulate or inhibit the hormone production, it is possible to suppress the production of oestrogen in women (thereby triggering premature menopause!) One can imagine the terrible consequences of this application of the subcutaneous microchip in the hands of an unscrupulous government (Sanders claimed that “the ultimate purpose of the powers that control the world is to reduce the global population by 90%--a size which, according to them, is easier to control”).

Under a worldwide dictatorship (once most people are “chipped” with devices that both transmit and receive via satellite) it is not at all difficult to imagine the deliberate modification of behaviour and even the destruction of the health of individuals who are arbitrarily and individually targeted. What would we have then? The answer is simple: we would have a global dictatorship capable of quickly and discretely eliminating any and all opposition! Freedom of thought would disappear! “Big Brother” would be in possession of an army of human slaves deprived of individual will under the abject slavery of these infernal microchips!

After having read through the information we have assembled for you, we sincerely hope that you agree that there is very little room for doubt:


Obviously, the microchip implant is has not spread everywhere yet. Its mandatory use is beginning to be imposed only in the USA. But we know where the notion that “this could only happen to other people” has lead us in the past.

The last chance for us to mobilize before the microchip has been IMPOSED in our countries is NOW! These microchips are already spreading across the planet. Their promoters are quickly establishing a public image based on “strength of conviction”. Once established, few things will be able stop the trend. Unless we react now, and remain active from now on, THESE CHIPS WILL BECOME A GLOBAL REALITY!

“But we live in a democracy, so no one will be able to impose the microchip on us!”. Possibly, but then again some organizations dedicated to protection of privacy have already protested the “digital angel” microchip. Their arguments were brushed aside by Applied Digital Solutions under the rationale that the expected benefits outweigh the concerns about privacy, as argued by ex-CEO Richard Sullivan. A convenient morality, don’t you think? As is so often the case nowadays, corporate and neoliberal groups have established an effective dictatorship that prevails on virtually every issue!

After the so-called “terrorist” attacks of September 11th, 2001, the USA passed, under the name “Patriot Act”, a series of “anti-terrorist” laws that allow the government to bypass the American constitution (the very constitution which guarantees the basic rights and freedoms of the citizen: freedom of the press, freedom of opinion, freedom of thought, freedom of association, etc). The Patriot Act is a double edged sword that could suppress, or even destroy, the liberty of the American people!

But are you aware that the Americans are not the only ones who have enacted this type of “anti-terrorist” legislation? In France, the Perben law is, with regard to its concepts and risks, a “twin” of the Patriot Act. The laws passed in July, 2002 and December 19th, 2003 in Belgium are also “copies” of the Patriot Act. In Canada, a similar project is under preparation! This means that other countries are inheriting exceptional laws that have risks and implications that are similar to those of the Patriot Act. These laws represent a REAL danger of totalitarianism taking root in all of the participating countries. In a fake democratic (but fully totalitarian) state, the use of the microchip might be the ultimate and most insidious tool of subversion!

Moreover, the big business men who try to sell the subcutaneous microchip for humans are not stupid. We have seen the potentially lethal danger of the microchip implant, yet they will introduce it to you sugar-coated with “the best of intentions”, and the microchip will be sold with a huge marketing campaign “thanks to its many wonderful uses”!

Please realize that ADS doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that its microchip, among other uses, will be used in order to PROVIDE A FLAWLESS, ABSOLUTE AND UNFAILING MODEL FOR THE IDENTIFICATION OF INDIVIDUALS. Now, you’re informed and warned about it!

5. How “they” will try to make people accept the microchip implant

As we mention above, the subcutaneous microchip will be introduced to us as a wonderful device so that it will accepted without second thoughts; but, never forget that once you let them implant that technology in your body, first your privacy and then your freedom of choice will cease to exist!

So here are some insidious arguments that have been introduced by ADS and its subsidiary company, Verichip. The Verichip and the Digital Angel will be used for:
- safety in Internet applications for all transactions concerning electronic exchanges (e-commerce, e-payments)
- research and rescue of individuals, including lost children or kids taken as hostages etc.
- medical monitoring of high-risk patients
- supervision, tracking and follow-through for soldiers, diplomats or any other important member of a government
- tracking, surveillance and verifying the authenticity of valuables
- tracking, localization and follow through with tracks or trails for people who like extreme sports (hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, sky diving etc.) who could get hurt seriously after an accident
- tracking and localization of kidnapped (or murdered) children

What humanism!

Please notice that the words “supervision”, “tracking”, “surveillance”, “research”, “localization” and “checking” come back in a cyclic and almost obsessive way!

The microchip will be accepted by people for so-called “safety” reasons. They will think of the above benefits of the microchip implant as the remedy against terrible events that will supposedly never occur again thanks to the microchip (many of those events will have been created for this purpose: “terrorist” attacks, particularly odious murders and spectacular kidnappings, for example!).

The microchip will also be related to convenience, notably financial and safety convenience (“with the microchip your money, or your bank card, can never be stolen again!” or “the end of airport terrorism: they’ll be detected and identified while your chip will let you bypass the lines!” and so on and so forth).

Furthermore, the microchip will be billed as “cool”, “fun”, and “trendy”! It will be painted as the embodiment of progress “and you can’t stop progress!” The unspoken catch is the particular kind of “progress” being pedalled!

Financial arguments are very important for the development of the microchip implant. Since its conception, the microchip has been thought of in terms of worldwide government AND A WORLDWIDE CURRENCY!

You’ll just need to put your hand (or your forehead) in front of a scanner and your “virtual bank account” will be automatically debited by the amount of your purchases. “They” will quickly replace bank cards, currencies and their “weaknesses” with the subcutaneous microchip (“unbeatable security and convenience”. Do you think this is only speculation? Then, you should think twice! For example, a certain professor Kevin Warwick from the cybernetics department of the university of Reading (UK) who was implanted with the microchip claimed not so long ago (October 10th, 1999) during a television broadcast (called “Souriez, vous êtes filmés” or “Smile, you’re filmed” on the French-speaking channel Arte) that “soon, bank cards and of course the identity card, passport, social security card etc. will be replaced by an electronic implant”!

And what do we see today? That the microchip has contaminated more than 20 countries and is spreading all over the world!

You may be certain that the subcutaneous microchip, conceived with the goal of unique and worldwide currency, will be proposed and then systematically imposed as the only “valid” means of payment and purchase, for the (fake) reasons written above.

Furthermore, imagine the colossal profits that ADS (and other companies producing subcutaneous microchips) will make from all those transactions. This represents an extremely juicy market! The patents were acquired by ADS for the “modest” sum of $130 million. Usually one doesn’t spend a fortune if one isn’t assured of making a profit!

And what will happen to those who refuse the microchip implant? They won’t be able to sell or buy anything without it, and they will have to survive like dropouts, bartering here and there.

Some theories and hypothesis assert that this subcutaneous microchip will only be proposed and then imposed on us after an enormous crash, a worldwide economical catastrophe, or that other options will be bundled with the microchip implant to make it more attractive (such as the possibility of combining it with a special cell phone). Wait and see, but please be careful!

Last, the final pretexts for “chipping” people will consist of medical gibberish (and thus will appear to be humanitarian and “indisputable” because they concern people’s health). The chip would promise to “save lives” by providing vital information (such as allergies, blood type, medical conditions, etc.) about individuals who are brought to the hospital unconscious. The microchip would “enhance the accuracy and completeness” of the patients’ records. Obviously, all of this is also a pretext for spreading a device whose dangers (even for health!) have already been demonstrated.

Knowing what you now know, will you get chipped or allow your child to be chipped?

Kids: an essential population and stake

Children and teenagers have always been a particularly attractive and “privileged” target population to the hyenas that make and sell subcutaneous microchips for humans.

WHY are kids so important to them? Because they are the NERVE-CENTRE OF THE “MICROCHIP WAR"!

We love our children and we naturally want them to be safe. This is the perfect “breach” for the companies that market subcutaneous microchips for humans! They whisper in our ears “We live in an unsafe world, full of terrorists, kidnappers, sexual offenders and other bogeymen. To protect your kids you should have them be tracked electronically, or even microchipped”. They assert that the safety problem would then be “resolved”!

These scumbags are playing with the parents’ emotions! Besides, chipping the children is also an indirect means to reach the adult market too. The parents who have had their kids “chipped” will need to believe that “chipping” isn’t something dangerous but rather it “protects children”. They will naturally be tempted to get chipped themselves! (BIG MISTAKE! The risks do and will exist!) This is how in the USA and Japan parents are beginning to sacrifice (often without even noticing) the freedom of their kids for their so-called “safety”! This is also how, in Mexico and Brazil (where the kidnapping of children is virtually commonplace), the chip industry has succeeded in convincing some people to have their children “chipped”!

If the current adult generation is still reluctant about this infernal implant, kids are more easily brainwashed. They don’t have an analytical mind yet, and they can be “attracted” in simple ways. Showing films and cartoons in which chips and RFID related topics help out will “sensibilize” them. Closely watch the movies that are being released in the theatres, new videogames and cartoons, and you will be amazed by what you find!

If children start wearing RFID tags and even subcutaneous microchips at a young age, then within one or two generations, everybody will find that having a sub-dermal implant is NORMAL! This is one of the main goals that people who market the subcutaneous microchips for humans (and the members of the New World Order) want to reach!


Applied Digital Solutions tries to erase their tracks and to persuade the public that opponents of the microchip are untrustworthy, unintelligent, out of touch, dishonest, and so on. Lately, Applied Digital Solutions and its fully owned subsidiary company, Verichip Corporation even created a “medical board” and a “privacy board” in order to cultivate the appearance of being “honest, honourable and responsible” folks who just want to create a successful business!

For instance, the Verichip, that had to contain basically a unique 18 digits number divided in 3 groups of 6 digits (666), has only 16 digits in its current configuration. Nevertheless, nothing will prevent them from adding 2 digits later on (when the Verichip would be already implanted all over the world).

Also, the Verichip is no longer implanted in the back of the hand for the time being; instead, it is implanted in the back of the arm (triceps). This is an obvious ploy to lure people in and to discredit the Christian notion that the product corresponds to the prophesied “mark of the Beast”.

Nevertheless, you have to know that ADS comes back little by little to its first resolutions: for instance, we can talk about the project aiming to use the Verichip in order to unlock the triggers of “intelligent” weapons (smart-guns) which would in fact require gun users to have the implant in the back of their hand! You can see how sly and malevolent this company actually is, and how easily they can tempt and fool you! SO PLEASE STAY VIGILANT AND WHATEVER HAPPENS DON’T GET “CHIPPED”!

The Verichip, which ought to be an active chip (receiving and transmitting data at any time and without your knowledge), is, in its current configuration, a passive chip (which is only activated when a scanner goes over the microchip); however, you must know that ADS is enthusiastically pursuing a longer-term active chip-based strategy!

In fact, nothing prevents ADS from releasing a first version of its subcutaneous microchip for humans which, once widely spread and well accepted, will lead to a second model which the characteristics mentioned in the beginning of this article! The dangers to your health, the risk of your privacy being suspended, and the immense perils of mind control still remain!

6. The microchip implant quoted in the Bible?

Even if you are not a believer, you may still find this section very useful.

The Bible (that “old book” written more than 2000 years ago) contains numerous messages and codes. In the last part of the Bible, the Apocalypse of St John or “Revelations”, we are told about what was revealed to John regarding the period of the latter days that lead up to the return of Jesus Christ.

This part of the Bible is particularly difficult to interpret precisely because John employs numerous images to describe “the end of days”. It describes the Antichrist, false prophets, and the “Beast” (and “the Mark of the Beast”) that will attempt to bring about the loss of all humanity. John also describes Judgement Day and the manner in which God will send warnings and “plagues” to Earth, and afterward sorting out the Good from the Evil.

This section of the Bible has always seemed the most enigmatic. Increasingly, in parts at least, modern events are lending themselves to clearer possible interpretations! So, many Christians have discerned a parallel between the mark of the Beast and the subcutaneous microchip. Dr. Sanders himself, after realizing the danger of the microchip, was convinced that the microchip implant was indeed the accursed mark spoken of in the Bible.

For example:

(Revelations, 13:4-5, 16-18 ) “And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast...and there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies... And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred threescore and six (666).”

We know that the subcutaneous microchip for humans functions at peak efficiency when implanted in either the back of the hand or the forehead because these two areas undergo the greatest temperature changes, and these changes are what allow the tiny lithium battery to thermoelectrically recharge. Is this not an amazing “coincidence”?

We know that the companies that produce the chip are seeking to deploy it on a global scale with one aim being to create a cashless society in which all money would be strictly virtual. Individuals refusing to be implanted would be unable to buy or sell anything. This too corresponds to what Revelations has forecast.

Additionally, we know that the number 666 is integral to the microchip (see section 2 History of the subcutaneous microchip). There appear to be a startling number of “coincidences” between the chip and the verses of Revelations quoted above.

Another quote from the Bible: (Revelations, 16:2) "The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image." We know that the microchip has a lithium battery that would in fact cause, when broken, painful wounds filled with pus. Again, the events that are now unfolding correspond uncannily with the Biblical verse.

Question: could we be witnessing the latter days period?

The Bible, through Revelations, sternly warns us not to accept the mark of the beast, and exhorts us to live instead according to God’s commandments:

(Revelations, 14:9-12) “And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice: If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand... The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”

But the Bible tells us that refusing the mark of the beast also has some risks:

(Revelations, 20:4) “…and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had had not worshipped the beast, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, and in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

Thus, the final victory belongs to those who do not accept the mark of the beast. But this raises the real question: are you yourself ready to be unable to buy or sell anything , to live by barter alone, as a societal dropout, because you have refused the mark (=microchip implant)? Furthermore: are you ready to be persecuted and possibly killed because of that decision (cf. the theme of the beheading and of the resurrection in the excerpt above)?

Or would you prefer to lose your freedom, free agency and even your soul by allowing a microchip to be implanted in your hand or in your forehead?

Would you prefer to die a slave, or to die a free and conscious man?

This is a question that you will have to consider from now on, for when the times has come you will have to choose your camp, and there will be no alternative or compromise! In either case, whether or not you are a believer, you will not be able to claim that you weren’t warned about the risks and dangers of the microchip implant, religious and otherwise!

7. Technologies that are complementary to the microchip implant

We’re going to talk now, in a non exhaustive way, about some existing technologies that might be associated with the subcutaneous microchip to make it more capable of manipulating and controlling minds, bodies and behaviours.

Please remember that everything in this part of the article currently already exists. If you haven’t heard about it in the mass media (or if you don’t hear about it anymore at the moment) this doesn’t mean that “they” aren’t planning things without your knowledge!

A) Cybernetics

This type of technology is only (officially!) in its initial stages of development. Nevertheless we cannot remain indifferent after reading articles such as the one published in the Washington Post on August 28th, 2001. Likewise, visit the French site and request the edition dated November 15th, 2001.

The article is about a discovery that allows living brain cells to interact with an electronic circuit made of silicon. The experiment consisted of creating a “partially living” electronic circuit from numerous snail neurons cultivated atop tiny transistors. The cells then communicated with the silicon pad.

Potential applications envisioned for this discovery were: developing artificial retinas and prostheses that would be extensions of the human nervous system, helping the blind to regain sight and the paralysed to “make objects move just by the thought”, building computers that would be as inventive and adaptable as our own nervous systems, building a generation of robots that would really deserve to be called “intelligent”!

Those wonderful “humanist” applications aside, you can readily imagine the dangers of technologies that truly play with the living!

B) The HAARP project

The HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project) is a joint effort between the US Army and the oil company “Apti-Arco”. It replaced the “Star Wars” project, although HAARP is land based. Powerful and polyvalent, HAARP takes advantage of the ionosphere (the layer of atmosphere located above the stratosphere which contains ionised particles that are highly charged and energetic) in order to use it as an energy weapon. For complete information on this topic, you can visit the following website: (in French). There, if you search a little bit, you will find a nice file about HAARP.

HAARP facility is a huge installation of several hectares located in Gakona, Alaska. It’s a vast, flat, deforested area containing 48 antennas that are 28 metres high, each of which is linked to a transmitter that’s a little bit less powerful than one million watts. The use of HAARP is as follows: it bombards the ionosphere with extremely high frequency waves. The ionosphere is transformed into a sort of enormous virtual “mirror” which behaves like an antenna that retransmits extremely low frequency waves. This results in a specific part of the ionosphere behaving like a “gigantic microwave oven”.

The applications of HAARP:
- Interrupting all kind of Hertzian communication and broadcast
- Destroying jets or missiles in the sky or interfering with their electronic radars
- Causing explosions as energetic as those of atomic bombs
- Modifying the weather
- Influencing human behaviour (since we saw that waves can influence behaviour, and given the power of HAARP, we can imagine the terrifying capabilities it could have! HAARP could be linked to the microchip implant, working like a powerful relay with satellites as a gigantic transmitter for the mind control of populations!).

C) Liquid crystal vaccines

Among the novelties regarding vaccination, we find liquid crystal vaccines. We know that DNA is constituted of liquid crystals. The idea of liquid crystal vaccines is to inject the organism (intra-muscularly, for instance) with some “nude DNA” made up of repetitive sequences (which can be synthetic) that are the building blocks of cellular information. The repetitive sequences of DNA are transplanted from viral DNA and coding genes from viral and/or bacterial proteins. The integration of these genes into our own cells is very quick and we can’t control the synthesis of proteins that occurs afterward because they have become integrated into our own genetic heritage. Problem: when you are injected with a vaccine who knows what’s in it, exactly? Who knows if it’s a “traditional” vaccine or a liquid crystal vaccine? Even the doctor that injects it into you with sincere good intentions is ignorant of the vaccine’s actual contents!

Once more we ask: what is the relationship between vaccination and the control of individuals? If “foreign” DNA is implanted through a vaccine, might it no act in some manner as a “receiver” that could be triggered by external stimuli which has been introduced to the general population in order to reach objectives that could be very different from humanistic and healthcare objectives? Are we truly certain that there is no risk that external stimuli (for instance a precise wavelength transmitted by a satellite relayed by a microchip implanted in the body) could trigger the DNA (and virus) particles to slow it down or stop our immune systems, or to produce toxins or lethal viruses at large? If so, it would become a massive technique of control over the people. It would be a “cellular antenna” capable of short-circuiting the consciousness of any specifically targeted individual or group! Some people are seriously wondering about this, notably in Quebec and in the USA. An excellent book by Anne Givaudan, “Les dossiers sur le gouvernement mondial” (“The files about the worldwide government”), is quite explicit regarding the role of vaccines, a role that is not very curative (some even have serious side effects!)

D) Chemtrails

“Chemtrails” (chemical trails) are tracks made by the engines of jets and airplanes. But they’re not the usual condensation trails (“contrails”)!

On the contrary, chemtrails are made of chemical particles which descend over the population centres above which the jet dispersed its dangerous cargo!

A characteristic of these chemical trails is their expansion in the sky as well as their “life expectancy”. At first they look like condensation trails but then they spread so much that they look like “expanded clouds” and they remain visible for 30 minutes or more, and sometimes several hours. The goal of these “chemical operations” is not well known yet. Could they be testing the resistance of populations to some chemicals or testing the toxicity of these chemicals? Spreading viruses or bacteriological weapons upon a given area? Attempting to modify the greenhouse effect? Spreading chemicals that will reinforce the power and effectiveness of the HAARP?

Anyway, one thing is certain: governments are usually involved in these chemical operations, and the Congress of the USA even recognized chemtrails as “exotic weapons”. For more complete information on chemtrails, please visit Nenki’s website (in French) at Nenki’s most recent book addresses this topic.

E) Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is based on the “conquest of the infinitely small”. In this kind of technology, scientists work at the nanometre (nm) scale, which means the billionth part of a metre, or 80,000 times smaller than the thickness of a hair! This technology therefore produces things at the molecular or atomic scale.

Like other technologies that can earn “big money”, one tries to develop it to the maximum by boasting of its “humanist” and humanitarian qualities. In reality, it also has dangerous applications (we’re getting to that, as you’ll see...) Europe wishes to create an industrial nanotechnology platform and, for 2003 alone, the European Union will grant 700 million euros (!) for nanotechnology research. As you can well imagine, this much money is generally not handed out for purely charitable purposes.

The European Commission (whose ambassador is Mr. Philippe Busquin, an old school Belgian politician who became European Commissioner for Research) is openly and unabashedly financing projects like this: (to name just one) “DNA matrices and biochips” that will lead to disposable biochips for cheap DNA analyses. Incredible, but true!

The unfortunate truth is that “our good old Europe” is NOT protected!

A big question is: What are the risks of introducing nanochips or nanorobots into our bodies? If these nanochips can be used to “spot cancerous cells” or heal diseases of the human body from within then why couldn’t they also be used to destroy that same body? After all it’s only a matter of intention and programming. If these nanochips can modify our DNA (i.e. change our genes) then shouldn’t we can be VERY cautious and even outright afraid? You should understand that the microchip, while only one millimetre long, can easily contain 250,000 nano-sized pieces!

F) Biometrics

Biometrics is the science of calculating and measuring individual characteristics of the human organism. Present applications mostly consist of means to control access and perform identity checks. The fact that fingerprints are permanent and unique, and that they are created before birth with a pattern that remains unchanged throughout life, has been exploited by government and industry. Often without moral or ethical governance, various agencies have used biometrics to create identification systems. The not only employ fingerprints, but also other individual attributes such as the morphology of the hand or the pattern of blood vessels in the iris of the eye (the latter being the most reliable method to date).

Of course we are once again shown the wonderful ease and lightning progress that seems to be offered by this technology. We are told that there will be no more need for passwords and confidential codes that are difficult to remember, and that the risk of theft, attack, unauthorized transfers, etc. will become a thing of the past.

G) Other means of oppressing and restricting human beings

We now have so many means of using the environment, animals and people as guinea pigs (or of turning them into mindless zombies) that we lack the time and space to detail all of them here; however, let’s look at, among other things, the problem of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), cloning and other possible genetic applications, along with the weapons and mind-control programs of the CIA dedicated to the control of the mind and human behaviour. The following site will give you a good overview of those CIA programs:

H) The “Brain-Machine Interface Program”

Finally, I must inform you of DARPA’s inhumane project to chain the human mind and body. This project is based on the use of microchips implanted in the brain, the nerves/neurons, or in the soft tissues of the body(!). It is called the “Brain-Machine Interface Program”. It allows cerebral implants (chips) to function more or less as “remote controls” that cause the implanted animals and humans to behave in a manner not unlike that of the remote controlled toys! This hideous device is also groundwork for the development of, effectively, “telepathy” and “telekinesis” via a material means that employs the cerebral microchip as a relay. The idea behind this invention is to allow the individual to act on the outer world via microchips and microelectrodes, but the corollary is that “outer world” could also act on the individual in order to control him! This technological horror could spell the end of free-agency and autonomous self-control, be that at the level of thought or even the more basic level of muscle movement! Considering the delicacy of the parts of the body where these device are placed (nerves and neurons), the removal of these implant would be extremely dangerous, requiring major surgeries that could easily cause complications resulting in irreversible damage!

Lately, human volunteer patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease were used as guinea pigs for these revolting experiments, under the false pretext of “helping patients recover from disease” or “improving the daily life of sufferers”. We should keep in mind that DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) is a military institution focussed on defence. Therefore, DARPA projects tend not to focus on humanism and the well being of people, unlike what they try to make the public believe! Try the words “Brain Machine Interface Program” in a search engine to locate websites regarding this awful program.

In order to find out more about the Brain Machine Interface Program, I recommend you visit where you will find a well documented, four-part file.

Along similar lines to the neural and cranial chips, other notable inventions are: “the BrainGate” and “the Neuroport”, both developed by the company Cyberkinetics. Just like the Brain Machine Interface Program, they claim to have only “medical” and “humanist” purposes, yet they exhibit the very same dangers and applications as the Brain Machine Interface Program! Please be aware that these