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Why I Am Not A Seventh-Day Adventist - Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

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Throughout the years, Seventh-day Adventists, like all heretics, have had to “crawfish” on their doctrines. That is, they have had to back away from what they originally taught. In this booklet, Dr. Ruckman deals with the crux issue of Seventh-day Adventism: the legalistic observance of the Old Testament Jewish Sabbath by the New Testament believer in the Body of Christ. You will see from the Scriptures how the Sabbath was given as a sign to Israel (not the Church), how every Seventy-day Adventist breaks the Biblical Sabbath, the true nature of the Mark of the Beast that has nothing to do with going to church on Sunday, the real reasons some Christians in the book of Acts attended synagogues on the Sabbath, four “sabbaths” found in the book of Hebrews about which Ellen G. White in her Scriptural ignorance knew nothing, and what the Scriptures actually say about the first and seventh days. With Old Testament Jewish Law and a false female prophetess as its foundation this cult is built on shifting sand indeed.

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama and finished his formal education with six years of training at Bob Jones University (four full years and two accelerated summer sessions), completing requirements for the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degree.
Reading at a rate of seven hundred words per minute, Dr. Ruckman had managed to read about 6,500 books before receiving his doctorate, and he still reads an average of a book each day.
Dr. Ruckman stands for the absolute authority of the Authorized Version and offers no apology to any recognized scholar anywhere for his stand. In addition to preaching the gospel and teaching the Bible, Dr. Ruckman has produced a comprehensive collection of apologetic and polemic literature and resources supporting the authority of the Authorized Version of the Holy Scriptures.