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Why are people afraid of the facts about Jews?

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“The Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them. They have now gained control of the most powerful countries … this tiny community heave become a world power.” -Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed

“There is only one power which really counts: The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it” -Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935

The biggest banks including the Federal Reserve enslaving the world to debt-based currencies are all run by Zionist Jews: Rothschild’s of London and Berlin, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel Moses Seaf of Italy, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York, Warburg & Co. of Germany, Lehman Brothers of New York, Goldman Sachs of New York, Rockefeller Brothers of New York, and many more. The biggest and most influential lobby in America is none other than AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the majority of Congress has long been bought out by Israeli interests.

Former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney exposed and blamed the American pro-Israeli lobby including AIPAC, ADL, AJC, and ZOA for ruining her political career. In 2009 she told an interviewer that “more than 99% of Congress works for Pro Zionist Israeli interests.” Because of her pro-Palestinian stance McKinney was ousted from Congress by the influence of Jewish lobbies funding and supporting her political opponents.

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My question is no less honest than yours. It's based on a lie. Nobody's "afraid" of facts about jews, especially jews and their fanboys - you know, sad sacks who never shut the fuck up about them. People are just sick and tired and bored of all the whining about how awesome and powerful jews are.

Most of the swastikas on synagogues and dorm room walls are spray painted by jews. The leadership of most neo Nazi parties are jews. Why is that? When I see someone whining on and on and on and on about jew this and jew that, I have to think they're a jew. If not, then they want to be one. Pathetic.