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Who's Poisoning Our Children – Julia Govis - Avila Making the difference

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Commissioner Avila talks with Author Julia Govis. Who's Poisoning Our Children is the true account of Julia Govis, a Midwestern preschool teacher who felt forced to do her own research as three of her four children had health issues which all seemed to share one common thread-the endocrine system. Through this research, Julia stumbled across a dumbfounding discovery: One of the chemicals sprayed on the farm fields surrounding the family's rural home is banned in many other countries, but not the U.S.! Scientists in this country had decried this chemical for causing mutations in animals that lived in polluted water supplies, as well as in laboratory studies. Julia's hunch and research turned into a theory, which was presented at a conference at the National Institute of Health in May of 2004. What began as an innocent search for medical answers became a frightening journey into the politics of multinational corporations, suppressed scientific findings, and government bureaucracy.