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Who's Driving The Dream Bus

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Who's Driving The Dream Bus

Life is full of big questions:
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Why is there suffering?
Is there life after death, and - ultimately - the question we all try to find the answer to, How can I find happiness or peace of mind?

But what if that search for happiness was based on a huge misconception, a misconception that has been drummed into us since birth, that we are separate individuals?

In Who’s Driving the Dreambus? film makers Boris and Claire Jänsch go on a personal journey through a series of interviews with eminent spiritual teachers, philosophers and writers - in a quest to unravel what it means to be alive.

This radical and challenging documentary ventures into the heart of the mystery of identity, flipping the idea of spiritual endeavour on its head, revealing a message so profound and yet so simple that it might just end the search.

A feature-length documentary exploring life’s most profound mystery.

Duration 1:58:48
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Who's Driving the Dreambus? (teaser)

A radical and deeply challenging new feature-length documentary exploring the most profound question of all, 'Who am I?'.

Winner of the 2009 Premier Award at the Insight Film Festival in Manchester, England

Mami wrote:

I converted this from a iso and got it down to a gig.

This is a great video if your in to this kind of thing.

The ladies eat this shit up, but I think it's all a newage circus. :rolleyes:

I sat on the floor cross legged for nearly 4 hrs hummimg in the key of A at 110 hz, one time.

The only "enlightment" I got out of it, was a sore ass, and a ringing in my ears :lol: