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Who is into Dark Techno?

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Who is into Dark Techno?

Dark acid, dark trance and dark techno

I'm into all of the above, but only when it's ...

... injectable.


hobo piss injectible?

I'd try it out

But I tend to prefer ambient/trip hop like Boards of Canada:

have a listen to this
already got the Gig but am honing this set and playing with it a lot. Usually I dj more on an EBM/industrial goth sort of set but was asked to do a dark techno night.
the mix between 2pole to Fatima Hajji has been tweaked.. it was better 4 beasts earlier on the incoming track and The Prodigy has been removed as it didn't quite fit the new direction from the V3's and 4's..
I'll be doing constant versions as I want to not just play some music but plan a wee trip using the songs that have a flow to them.
I'll post the updates as i get close to happy with them

Nice set! DJ skills.

Nice set! DJ skills.


i have been listening and there and a fair few bits i did fluff it.
it's done with a mixtrack pro 2 and traktor.
looking to buy a pioneer DDJ1000 soon and it'll expand what i can do sample wise and better loops.
that mix is sample and loop free though. straight mixing , just playing with the EQ's , levels and sometimes crossfader.
too many DJ's now seem to think that it's just great to switch between so many songs at once ... but really , i think it's "musical wankery" and while it can be a technical feat ,loses flow and buggers up the "trip" and "vibe" a set should bring to the crowd dancing.
I want to create a journey starting dark , ending dark but an upbeat kinda dark.


MAYBE.. i'll live to play a set resembling this in houston this autumn!

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