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Who believes in Covid? Let’s go!!! Click here...

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Who believes in Covid? Let’s go!!! Click here...

OK so I’ve noticed that some people commenting on here think there is a pandemic, or a deadly virus going around or something.

I can honestly see why you’d think that, so I’d like to know if you are open to changing your mind based on evidence?

I would like you to recognise:

1) hospitals are overloaded due to policy, not the virus
2) the virus is harmless to most people anyway
3) Covid can be easily prevented and is harmless when treated early, even in the so-called vulnerable
4) vaccines do more harm than good
5) governments are using this as an opportunity to profit and take away civil liberties
6) plans for lockdown were created a decade ago, and somehow used instead of written herd immunity plans that were produced by various governments
7) masks don’t stop viruses
8) lockdown is almost entirely pointless

If anyone wants to pick me up on any of these I’ve spent a year collecting evidence and will happily present it.

You must be prepared to watch, listen or read, and must not simply demand a confession on a particular subject from the technocratic entity that is lying and creating propaganda. You must be willing to properly evaluate your own sources and mine for bias.

zoopenhoff wrote:
zoopenhoff wrote:

I’ve spent a year collecting evidence and will happily present it.

Please do. I'm betting ConCen members will appreciate that very much!

ConCen wrote:
ConCen wrote:

zoopenhoff wrote:
I’ve spent a year collecting evidence and will happily present it.

Please do. I'm betting ConCen members will appreciate that very much!

I'll try and put it in a sensible order in response to any questions. I've been thinking about how to put the whole lot together, but it's a big project. In the meantime plenty have done fairly good jobs, like the recent "Pushback" doc. However if people have sticking points, that are stopping them look at those resources, perhaps we can tackle them here.

didnt when it started and even less now

when the first North American cases (feb. last year) included Sasha Trudeau and Tom Hanks, i knew it was an orchestrated man made gestapo plan. TURDwater and all the wannaB UN groupies will be hung...

Much Health

I agree.

I remember the biggest Hong Kong riots in years and China being worried they would spread to the mainland. Next thing we know they “had to lockdown” for a “virus”. Yeah right.

I’ve also looked at how the PCR was used in HIV, and caught Rappoport in March/April talking that through.

Just what I can come up with off the top of my head

There is no such thing as "Sars CoV-2 (Covid-19)" as no such thing has been isolated and identified. All of the pseudoscientific garbage that passes for "science" dances around this issue. If you file FOIA requests with the CDC, with HHS, and when people in Australia, and the UK try their equivalent of same - all come up empty.

The PCR tests are testing for RNA fragments of up to 39 base pair in length. The smallest known virus clocks in at around 40,000 base pairs. We aren't looking for a virus. We're looking for statistical noise, and we're jacking up the PCR tests to a cycle count as high as 40 in order to find it. Which is why the CDC has said that they are getting approx. 97% "false positives". Which, if you digest the preceding information, adds up to an even 100% because - there is no such thing as Sars CoV-2.

Let's review Koch's postulates, and put a green circle by the ones which have been satisfied.

❌ The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
❌ The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
❌ The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
❌ The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

Oops, muh science!

Fauxi can be found on record saying that PCR tests ran at a cycle count >35 are invalid, and he's obviously aware of the current CDC protocol telling labs to run at 40.

What is a PCR test and why should I care about cycle counts?

A PCR test is an amplification, a literal doubling of genetic material. If you have $1.00 and you double it twenty times, you've got a million bucks. Take a penny and you need 27 cycles. The power of the exponent.

Running a PCR test at 40 cycles we can catch a half a molecule ripped from a cold you had five years ago that was still kicking around, and it flags as "positive" and is meaningless. Track that with the CDC's statement that the a positive PCR test could indicate "Covid-19" or it could indicate the common cold.

By now you should be picking up what I'm laying down - that the PCR test is a glorified random number generator used to generate fear in absence of all other signals. Like, people dying in the streets, overwhelmed hospitals, and a mass die-off of the homeless. Oops, none of that happened, crank up the CNN Chyron-of-doom mind control signals.

Let's also not forget that influenza has mysteriously vanished. Gone. Not a bloody trace - millions of cases in 2019 - and 1,700 in 2020. But in the US, CARES act money pays hospitals big bucks for "Covid" on the death certificate. Weird, huh?

We have the video from the one guy at UCSC talking about how he and his colleagues went through 1,5000 samples of "Covid-19" and could find nothing but Influenza A and a little Influenza B. When they contacted the CDC for pure reference samples of "Covid-19", and the CDC came up empty, they decided to sue the CDC. Don't have a link to the video handy, need to clone it to my site, it's on Brighteon/Infowars.

Fauxi also wrote a paper describing how the habitual wearing of masks during the actual pandemic of 1918, that about 25,000,000 deaths were due to bacterial pneumonia from wearing the mask, and you're beginning to understand where this is all going.

If there were any doubts, I'm drawing the vector to its conclusion, here's the con:
Scare the population into taking your injectable bio-weapon, you need to induce the maximum fear to vaccinate the maximum number of brainwashed imbeciles before the death wave begins from autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, and they realize that the vaccines have been sterilizing them. Add vaccine passports, rinse, repeat until you hit your target population numbers. Contact tracing on your 4G/5G spy devices the population pay for to ensnare them. You get the idea...

Any questions?

Dangerous to be a Hero in the Streets? Exposing Covid lie

Heros Don't Always Wear Capes
Evidence of what could happen exposing C.O.V.I.D. Lie to normies in an effective (humorous) manner.

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