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What Would You SEE (If You Could) Leave Your Planet (2012)

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Imagine if you could Hover in mid air without any ship or suit.
Way above our planet...Five or ten or 100 or 500 miles/800KM above the Earth OR OUR MOON.....
Now Look down at your feet. Look up, look down, left and right. Oh what a Sight!!!
Look all around you, Look How things get Smaller the Farther away things are,
Try to Visualize Just how BIG things truly are!!!
Hover and Glide as though you are a Bird, for just one moment imagine This.......

See in front of You, off in the Horizon, Behold that Beauty...can you caress the curvature of the planet with your Eyes???
Long way down ??? How close is it really???

What would it be like to fly down to another planet or MOON and (actually LAND) ???

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SEE if you wanted your child to believe you went to the moon for vacation,
What would you do??? Simple, all you would have to do is make all the backgrounds and
Scenery in the vacation pictures look like what the Childs MIND perceived the moon to LOOK like at