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What Really Happened - Mike Rivero - Nov 2012 week 4

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What Really Happened - Mike Rivero - Nov 2012 week 4

imo the best radio shows around.

Constantly revealing that which is kept hidden/ignored by the corporate/jewish/Israeli controlled/owned media bastards. revealing the crimes of Israel, including topics which Alex Jones purposefully avoids, and in doing so supports Israel's criminal/inhumane actions. Remember that it was Alex Jones's support of Israel, which led to Mike leaving that network.

Mike covers a lot of international news, not just USA news. Including info. regarding what those bastards from Israel are doing, and what Big Pharma is doing (including drugs, vaccines, GMO, etc) and excellent analysis of most of the significant issues affecting our lives.

Too many important issues to list, including false flag attempts, the Bankers, the cartel run Fedral Reserve, etc.

well worth listening to, even after the aired date.

Note: All shows are com free.

and his website is a great source of relevant news / info.