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What On Earth Is Happening Show #189 Podcast With Mark Passio

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From The True Great Work:

"Topics: The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment, The Definition Of Arms, Natural Law, Right vs. Wrong, Definition of a Right, The Two Pillars of Enlightenment, The Sacred Feminine Principle of Non-Aggression, The Sacred Masculine Principle of Self-Defense, Ownership, Equality of Rights under Natural Law, Carrying Arms as an Inherent Right, Infringement, Encroachment Upon Rights, Incrementalism, Fabian Socialism, Communism and Fascism as Two Sides of the Same Coin of Totalitarianism, Slaves Must Be Disarmed, Right To Bear Arms As Protection Against Government Tyranny, Hitler's View Of Gun Control, Gun Control as the Path To Enslavement and Death, Genocide and Democide, 90,000,000 people killed as a direct result of Gun Control, the Re-Assembly of the 2nd Amendment, How Colloquial Language differed between the 18th and 21st Centuries, How I Personally Would Have Written The 2nd Amendment, The 2nd Amendment Is Just Words, Preparedness, Survival, The Gadsden Flag, The Franklin Flag, Come And Take It, Molon Labe, The Brotherhood Of The Snake, The Mystery Traditions, Preparedness on a Low Income, Revisionists' Interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, Police Cult Members' Attitude Toward Gun Ownership Rights, Physical Resistance To Tyranny, Sentiments Prevalent In Gun Culture, Anti-Gun Propaganda, The Gun As A Bringer Of A More Civilized Society."