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What On Earth Is Happening Show #183 Podcast With Mark Passio

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From The True Great Work:

"Topics: Mark Interviewed on Infowars Nightly News, the Absurd Naiveté of fake "Christian" Religionists and their pure garbage Salvationist Dogma, the Neo-Feminism Agenda, Epi-Eugenics, How Neo-Feminism differs from Classical Feminism, Poisoned Worldview and Erroneous Conceptions of "Human Nature," Generalizations, Female Support of Order-Followers, Think-Tanks' involvement with the Neo-Feminist Agenda, Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations, The Frankfurt School, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Long March Through The Cultural Institutions, Antonio Gramsci's Plan, The Fabian Society, Incrementalism, Satanism and Dark Occultism's ties to Neo-Feminism and Androgyny, Schools as Indoctrination centers for the Neo-Feminist Agenda, Prussian Schooling Model, Outcome-Based Education, Social Engineers and Behaviorists, Eugenics, the Imbalanced Ratio between Men and Women in the "Truth Movement," Most Women trapped in a Satanic Mind-set of Ego-Gratification, Breakdown of Familial Dynamic and classical Gender Roles leading to the Destruction of Morals in Society, the deplorable mind-set of most young females in our society, the Current Generation and State of Society as the by-product of modern women's breeding choices and propagated system of "values," Being "Raised" from "The Dead," Men who chase "corporate status" to garner favor with women, the Authentic Man and Woman vs. the Inauthentic Man and Woman."