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What On Earth Is Happening Show #177 Podcast With Mark Passio

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From The True Great Work:

"Topics: Order Followers as "The Bane of 21st Century Earth," the Real Issues regarding the Ferguson, MO incident, Precedents being set in America for summary executions by Police, Precedents being set for the elimination of free speech and assembly at Police "discretion," Those justifying Police-State behavior are Nazi-Lovers, Women's immoral support of Dominators, the real Race Issues involved in Ferguson, American-based Militias acting cowardly and racist, Agent Provocateuring at Ferguson, Robotic Order-Followers constitute a Cult and are driven by the same techniques cults use on their followers, Perverse sexual practices within Dark Occultism, How people fuel Slavery through support of the monetary and taxation systems, the irrational desire for "security" over Freedom, Women's support of the Dominator Culture, the Immorality inherent in the "New Cage" Movement, how people police themselves through fear of stepping out of our system-defined roles, Speaking the Truth and doing the Great Work without Fear."