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What On Earth Is Happening Show #170 With Mark Passio

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From The True Great Work:

"Topics: “New” Age Deception, Solipsism, the insidious “New” Age Belief that Property is “an illusion,” Understanding of Property and Understanding of Rights are inseparable, Release from Attachment does not mean the abandonment of the Understanding of Property, Music as a reflection of Elemental Forces, the Illegitimacy of ALL forms of Taxation, Refusing ALL Taxation as a means of Rebellion, Humanity as a Child Species that refuses to accept Personal Responsibility, Deliberate interruptions to the WOEIH Radio Show and what they say about the people who are paid to cause them, How such interruptions only serve to validate Mark’s entire message, the indestructible nature of the Human Spirit, Mark’s own personal UFO encounter, Goddess Symbolism, False Flag Attacks, Occult Numerology, Moral Relativism, “Arbiter Of Truth” Syndrome, the failure of the so-called “Greatest Generation” and the “Baby Boomers,” the Cyclical Quality within Time, Choice-Points within Time to help us learn and grow in Consciousness, Self-Respect, Self-Love, Standing Together in Persistence, Carnism, Theories regarding Humanity’s dietary changes over time."