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What On Earth Is Happening Show #167 Podcast With Mark Passio

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From The True Great Work:

"Topics: Interference Theory Of Human Origins, "Cosmic Abandonment" Presentation, Psychological factors which underly the perpetuation of human enslavement, Willful Ignorance, Fear of Personal Responsibility, Self-Loathing, Lack of Self-Respect, Parental Abandonment Issues, The Human Species as an Abandoned Child , Psychological framework for understanding human group behavior, Rigid Skeptics (Worshippers of Scientism), Government-funded “science” vs. Real Science, Weather Modification, H.P. Blavatky’s view of the Occult, Slaves who love their own enslavement, Forceful Revolution vs. Mental/Spiritual Revolution, Scientism worldview and motivations, Darwinism and Social Darwinism, Converting knowledge into right action, Saving seed as a spiritual practice, Spiritual Allegories in films, Knowledge as The Solution."