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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #207

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From Mark Passio's channel:

"Topics: Least Harm Possible: Plant-Based Nutrition vs. Carnism, Dark Occult Season Of Sacrifice, Christchurch New Zealand Mosque Shootings, False Flag Events, Notre Dame Cathedral Fire, Goddess Sacrifice Rituals, Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Church Bombings, Not wanting to hear the Truth, the meaning of the word Controversial, Nutrition and Morality, Connection between human food choices and Natural Law, What Natural Law IS and what Natural Law ISN'T, Definition of Carnism, Carnism as a Religion, the "Normal-Natural-Necessary" Lie of the Meat Industry, Natural Law Truth regarding Animal Life, the ONE and ONLY Question to ask oneself when it comes to whether or not Human Beings should kill and eat animals, the clear and obvious between eating plants and eating animals, Animals' emotional characteristics, Justifications for Carnism, Occult Initiation, the First Step of Occult Initiation: Stop Lying To Yourself, If Human and Animal roles were reversed, How Humans would react to being food for an Alien species, the Occult Law of Correspondence, Humans will be food for more advanced beings for as long as they continue to eat other animals, Heart-Based Intelligence and how most Humans lack it, a Balanced and Whole Natural Food Diet, Eating Truly Natural Food is NOT Extremity, Moving to a Plant-Based Diet is a Process and NOT an Event, the importance of Transitioning Slowly to a Plant-Based Diet, "Militant" Veganism and how it is hurting the Vegan Cause, Extremist and Fad Diets, Keto and Paleo Diets, Dangers of the Keto Diet, the book "Natural Cures" by Kevin Trudeau, the False "Where do you get your protein?" Argument, Animal Sentience and Biology vs. Plants, the Occult aspects of the difference between Animal and Plant Life, the real reason Why the Controllers of our world want people to go Vegan, earth as One Big Farm, Facebook Post from a Soul-Dead Carnist, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration, the importance of Juicing and Blending, Air Fryers, Pea-based Protein Powders, Adaptogens, Proper Nutrition as a form of Self-Respect."