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The Wes Penre Papers - The Transmutation of Humankind

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The Wes Penre Papers - The Transmutation of Humankind Introduction to the Science Papers "Scientific Theory, more often than not, is born of bold assumptions, disparate bits of unconnected evidence, and educated leaps of faith." -- John Brockman, editor What We Believe but Cannot Prove: Today's leading thinkers on science in the age of certainty I found Brockman's statement in one of Dr. A.R. Bordon's and J.W. Barber's essays, "Catastrophism, Exopolitics, and the Return of NI.BI.RU.: A Case For The Long-Term Or Extended View of Exopolitics" (from the "Journal of End Time Studies" Series). Both Bordon and Barber are scientists, but in an unorthodox and highly innovative way, as we shall see in the following Science Papers. John Brockman, editor and publisher of EDGE, an organization of science and technology intellectuals, asked the question, "What do you believe to be true though you cannot prove it?" to a number of scientists for his book, "What We Believe but Cannot Prove: Today's leading thinkers on science in the age of certainty" (2006). What's most interesting is perhaps not the answers Brockman received, as the fact that the question was asked in the first place. I believe it's imperative that when we research; whether it's science, metaphysics, so-called "conspiracy theories", our human origins, our present and future challenges as a human species, or anything else that can sometimes be hard to physically prove due to the nature of the studies, we very much need to use our intuition and trust our perceptions of what is true and what is not. Also, intuition is senior to belief. Most humans perceive themselves living in a very solid, physical reality, where they have forgotten who they are and where they come from. Often when we make a statement of a nature which is not within the norm of physicality or current belief systems, we are still required to put physical evidence on the table, until it fits in with current norms. If we can't, what we say is often dismissed from beginning to end due to "lack of evidence", although it's impossible due to that the phenomenon is not physical in nature. Evidence is sometimes cognitive, downloaded from our Higher Selves, and often free from the paradigms of non-working belief systems already existing. This is the level at which great minds have worked through history. More often than not, they were not prophets in their time, but instead ridiculed, ignored, or even killed for thinking differently. Eventually the world caught up with them, embraced their work, and started acting as if it had always been true; it became self-evident. Not until mankind has learned that we are spirits in a body/mind complex (which in new advanced physics is called "biomind") can we start operating on a higher level. In the meantime, we can only do our best to connect the dots as they were, and come to conclusions that work for us as individuals and interconnected biominds, based on a combination of physical evidence and intuition, which in a true way can be said to be communication with God. Although we are all on an individual path in a Multiverse where everything is connected on a subquantum level, we are at the same time contributing our personal experiences to the collective consciousness and awareness as a human species on Planet Earth, and what one experiences affects the collective. In a broader perspective, what mankind as a collective experiences affects the rest of the Multiverse, because everything is interconnected; everything is ONE. However, for a whole species, connected via a common genetic template, and through a collective, interacting "super-mind", or Oversoul, to evolve into a higher state of consciousness, we need to be both teachers and students at the same time. There are many ways to share what we learn; one way, of course, is to share it with as many people as we can through papers like these, and another is to just use our increasing state of consciousness to affect our environment positively by just being ourselves. People around us will feel the change and eventually follow; perhaps slowly in the beginning, but faster as we go along. They, in their turn, will continue doing the same thing, with quicker results as we all progress. A third alternative is to do both one and two above. I have chosen to do the latter for the time being, knowing there will be a time, perhaps sooner than later, when alternative two will be my sole preference. So, what has all this to do with science? Actually, quite a bit. Maybe not so much with traditional science as with the New Very Advanced Science that has developed over the last few decades; science that goes beyond quantum physics and takes us to the core of existence, which includes the soul/spirit, and acknowledges the fact that we all are ONE, connected on a subatomic level with All That Is, which is the true nature of God. Files: The Wes Penre Papers 01-05 The Wes Penre Papers 01 The First Level of Learning - A Journey through the Multiverse.pdf The Wes Penre Papers 02 The Second Level of Learning - A Journey through the Multiverse.pdf The Wes Penre Papers 03 The Third Level of Learning - Bringing our Inner Darkness into Light.pdf The Wes Penre Papers 04 The Fourth Level of Learning - Lucifer's Rebellion.pdf The Wes Penre Papers 05 The Fifth Level of Learning - The Vedic Texts.pdf Wes Penre E-Books Beyond 2012 - A Handbook for the New Era.pdf Wes Penre - Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind.pdf The Quantum Pause Breathing Exercise.pdf Living from the Heart.pdf E-Books and Essays Between the Devil and the Returning Rock.pdf Discerning Alien Disinfo.pdf The Link.pdf Catastrophism, Exopolitics and the Return of Nibiru.pdf The Anima Problem.pdf Sparks - The Keepers.pdf Geometry of Actionable Choicemaking.pdf Alien Mind.pdf Extraordinary Times.pdf Introduction to Idiomaterial Life Physics.pdf James McCanney - Surviving Planet X Passage.pdf NASA - The Future of War.pdf Robert Stanley - Close Encounters on Capitol Hill.pdf Stephen Davis - Butterflies Are Free to Fly 2014.pdf ITE paper 12 15 15 Matter Anti-Matter.pdf Kryptos - Francesca Philips.pdf tags: multiverse, transmutation, singularity, humanity, Lucifer, Vedic, aliens, meditation, spiritual, occult
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