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WELCOME TO SPIRITUALISM and why are we here?

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be gentle with me as this is the 1st time a have made/uploaded a torrent , hoping it works ok.

for years I have been trying to find answers to the big questions , why are we here?,what's life purpose?, what happens at death the soul?
never been believer of the holy book as I see churches are just a way to control people and make money greed for them when the poor go without but still go to church and hand over money they need.
I was in the army for 9 years and been to war 3 times in that 9 years, so I guess my outlook on life is very different, seem with my own eyes what people can do to others just because of race/creed/colour/greed/religion.
so I looked back to the start of mankind the forefathers the native Indian and the spiritual side of life,,, ok waffle over!!
within my pack of files is a lot about spiritual things, going right back and looking and different angles of spirit, also includes my research on u.f.o./E.t and looking at all things spiritual the Ra transcripts was a eye opener for me,
there's pdf`s on many subjects meditation,afterlife,healing, tons of stuff.

so what have I learnt in my research? I don't fear death, knowledge is key to life

enjoy nabberdabber :-)


Everyone seems to be stuck on about 17%. could this bee seeded to 100% please,thanks.

as i said newbie to it , am seeding it for ya :-)