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Webster Tarpley's World Crisis Radio - 11-21-09 - Commercial Free

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Webster Griffin Tarpley is co-author of The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush, author of 9-11 Synthetic Terror - Made in USA, and author of: Obama-The Postmodern Coup, Surviving The Cataclysm, Barack H. Obama-The Unauthorized Biography and host of World Crisis Radio.

This show is broadcast once a week on GCN. Tarpley does not take calls on his show, but I find it very entertaining and informative, nonetheless. He goes deep into the workings and world market manipulation of the Federal reserve, IMF, US treasury, etc... Tarpley covers numerous topics from an international perspective, not usually covered by mainstream media. The topics on this show are mostly finance related, but not always.

World Crisis Radio 11-21-09 - Webster opens with commentary on the current U.S. troop levels in the Afghan War and the upcoming December 12 anti-war demonstration at Lafayette Park in D.C., then moves on to the overall picture in the Middle East. Phil Berg, king of the "Birthers", calls in to kick off hour 2 with his weekly update on the case against Obama. Other hour 2 topics include Ron Paul's "Audit The FED" bill, socialized health care, Bailouts and Tobin Taxes.

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