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Webster Tarpley - The Venetians and 9/11 (RICR - October 15, 2006)

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Webster Tarpley - The Venetians and 9/11 (Red Ice Creations Radio - October 15, 2006)

Part 1:

Webster G. Tarpley joins us this Sunday for a show jam-packed with vital information on 9/11. Webster is the author of several books, including "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA", "The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush" and "Against Oligarchy". Webster gives us a rundown on some of the political background that suggests that a "rogue network" operating above government was involved in the events on 9/11-2001.

Part 2:

Webster G. Tarpley and I totally shift gear for our subscriber interview. We are going to hear about Webster's research into the "Anglo-Venetian Whig faction" and how their system of governance has spread thru out the world. Why is this important? Well this connect very much with the British Empire and we're going to hear how the Venetian System was transplanted into England. This is important and interesting material! Don't miss our regular show with Webster.

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