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We tested popular cellphones for radiofrequency radiation. Now the FCC is investigating.

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From Chicago Tribune:

I tried making a PDF of it, but it was being wonky. So I made a screenshot JPG of the entire article.


Thank you for your efforts and care. I sent this to some in my world that may not know these things. I appreciate your work, Lisamichalek!


No prob, thank you. I was born to gather info, not good for my college speech classes LMAO but great for this!


You're welcome. I used to gather so much back in the day. I have gotten away from so much on the web, including a lot of social media. I had to come back here to see what's cooking. You seem to be keeping this fresh. Thanks! Good luck with school. I am going, myself. I am learning to become a licensed LPC. So many have trauma just living in this strange world. It's one way of doing meaningful that I can relate to.


Bill, good luck in your studies! I actually graduated college years ago. :) but thanks as well.
Yes, doing things like this helps keep me sane. I hear you!