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We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

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Probably the most censored documentary out there right now. It's been removed from Youtube countless times as well as Vimeo, and TPB was taken offline as of yesterday (12/9/14). Share this where you can and keep the information flowing.


"Full disclosure of the events that took place in Sandy Hook on December 14th, 2012 and related matters is the goal.

The major media outlets don't provide us with unvarnished, meaningful news and the result is a nation of people with very limited understanding of events taking place in their world. What little they do know is a combination of falacies and trivial points that aren't sufficient to form a useful world view. As we see it Sandy Hook is an issue important enough that every American should have a detailed account of the event available to them. And we're talking about full disclosure.

Public officials at the highest levels of American government can and sometimes do engage in conspiracies to manipulate elections, wiretap and smear critics, mislead Congress and the public. Despite being labeled, conspiracy theories they warrant scientific inquiry.

The challenge for everyday Americans is to engage in serious study of the subject despite organized efforts to ridicule or discredit them and without appearing foolish or contributing to mass paranoia. Since 9/11, no event has spawned more conspiracy theories that have been met with coordinated efforts to discredit them than Sandy Hook. The idiom, "If you're not catching flak, you're not over the target." if applied to Sandy Hook speculation indicates there's something there they wish to protect.

Immediately after the events of December 14th, 2012 the speculation began that what was being reported was not the truth. Although many anomylous reports were deemed to be innocent mistakes, a pile of unexplainable oddities began to grow. In the first days after the event, the public was told to give it some time for the facts to emerge. When those facts didn't make a dent in the pile of oddities, the public was told to wait for the investigation to get underway. When, throughout those many months more questions emerged than were answered the public was told to wait for the final report. That report has been released. There are no further milestones to wait for in the hopes that the quesions will be answered. We have reached a proverbial dead-end and each day that passes means public interest drops as they grow more comfortable with not knowing the truth.

It is this situation in which we find ourselves and the reason why a diverse group of independent journalists have come together to raise awareness of the issue and encourage the public to act. Despite our many differences of opinion, we all agree that this event has been and will continue to be of such historical significance that the true details must be revealed."

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I downloaded this off two days ago, and turned it into a DVD. The quality turn out very well. I have already handed it out to some Occupiers and 911 activist

But now I can not acess

Their front page says they are temporarily down for scheduled maintenance.

No DNA found,

What would you say if the medical forensic examiners of the DNA of a killer of 20 children and 6 adults, who took his own life with his own weapon, concluded in a supplemental DNA report that his DNA was completely missing, or put another way, non-existent?

And what if what was found on those weapons was what is referred to as a mixed sample, meaning a combination of several DNA samples, and the one most prevalent belonging to the Permanent Substitute Teacher at Sandy Hook, Lauren Rousseau?

What if in that same report the DNA of one Dawn Hocksprung was found on a 10 mm cartridge, informing you now that she was the principal of the school who died that day allegedly by the shooter above?

This evidence along with other astutely researched information are a part of this Youtube video documentary above.

Find out if you're the kind of person who questions incongruities like this or the happy go lucky, going along to get along type of American who'd rather not turn over anything that might just disturb your carefully coiffed oyster shell of an existence.

It's a click away or it isn't.

-Chuck is the Producers of We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook

Here's their YouTube Channel: Tyranny News Network

Here's their FaceBook

Friday The Infowars Nightly News (Must watch Sandy Hook)

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I didn't follow Sandy Hook hoax too closely since it happened, but knew it was all fishy and weird. This video isn't a great cinematic production, it's just a group of youtubers mainly (I think) who got together and pooled their questions and observations of what doesn't make sense, and it provides a compelling picture when taken as a whole that Sandy Hook was exactly what we thought it was, a hoax, a drill gone "live," a media circus and a very strange cover-up. Thank you for posting this.

Thanks for the upload and efforts! I'm sorry to say that I've completely ignored this tragedy and have no understanding as to why??? I'll give this a go and see what I can see.


Appears YT and FBook and even the domain for has been scrubbed out.
Plenty of copies on Bitchute still.