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Foreword v
A Brief Introduction to the Natural Eco-Technological Theories
of Viktor Schauberger I
The Nature Of Water 15
The Cancerous Decay of Organisms 19
The Substance - Water 19
Concerning Processes of Ur-Creation, Evolution and Metabolism 22
High-Frequency Water 26
The Natural Reconversion of Seawater into Fresh Water 33
Fire under Water 38
Notes on the Secret of Water 41
The Production of Fuels 42
The Difference between Energising Substances and Fuels 44
The Quantitative and Qualitative Deterioration of Water 45
The Deterioration of Water 45
The Sterilisation of Water 46
Consequences of Chlorination of Water 47
The Consequences of Contemporary Water-Purification Processes 48
An Experiment 50
Water Supply and the Mechanical Production of Drinking Water 53
Water Supply 53
The Consequences of Producing Drinking Water by purely
Mechanical Means 57
Deep-Sea Water 58
The Conduction of the Earth's Blood 61
The Double-spiral Flow Pipe 62
The Pulsation of Water 66
Healing Water for Human, Beast and Soil 69
Temperature and the Movement of Water & other
unpublished texts on River Engineering 81
River Regulation - My Visit to the Technical University
for Agricultural Science 82
Turbulence - Concerning the Movement of Water and its
Conformity with Natural Law 89
"Temperature and the Movement of Water" 94
Temperature Gradients - Full & Half Hydrological Cycles 94
The Groundwater Table 96
The Drainage of Water 99
Basic Principles of River Regulation 102
The Interrelationship between Groundwater & Agriculture 109
Fundamental Principles of River Regulation & Status of
Temperature in Flowing Water 106
Turbulent Phenomena in Flowing Water 106
Temperature Gradient, Riverbed-slope and River Bend Formation 107
The Influence of the Geographical Situation and the Rotation
of the Earth 112
The General Tasks of River Regulation 115
The Regulation of Temperature Gradient 119
The Movement of Temperature in Mass-Concrete Dam Walls 122
Expert Opinion of Professor Philipp Forchheimer 131
The Natural Movement of Water over the Earth's Surface 135
Tractive Force Considered 159
Concerning Rivers and Water 165
The Transport of Sediment: Timber, Ore and Other Materials
Heavier than Water 167
The Rhine and the Danube 170
The Problem of the Danube Regulation 170
The Rhine Battle 176
Energy-Bodies 179
The Dr. Ehrenberger Affair 183
The Learned Scientist and the Star in the Hailstone 193
Appendix: Patent Applications 201
Glossary 212
Index 216"