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The Watchers 8 - Cloak of Secrecy (2014)

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IS THERE A CONNECTION? Are we seeing a connection between our ancient past and what is happening today? Were huge stones simply levitated into position, and do we have any modern evidence that such a thing may have been possible? WATCHERS 8 explores how today's UFO phenomena and the ancient evidence in Peru may be connected. We'll also continue with our story in WATCHERS 7 with Bill's implant. We will go into surgery and watch the incredible details where a simple prayer seemed to defy logic. No one could have known that this would be Dr. Leir's last "alien" surgical procedure. You'll see some of the latest UFO footage, including infrared photography showing light formations flying overhead. Could they be preparing for something? Gary Stearman and Paul McGuire weigh in. You'll hear from Captain Robert Salas about how a glowing red UFO disabled the nuclear missiles at the base he commanded, and at others - revealing newly declassified information from the Air Force. Then, we'll go back to Peru and unwrap a baby mummy skull. The results were astonishing. Were there creatures that roamed this earth that weren't fully human? Do hybrids walk among us? The film ends with a tribute to the late Dr. Roger Leir, who was in every WATCHERS to date.






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