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Was CBC's Jian Ghomeshi a blackmailed gatekeeper?

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Was CBC's Jian Ghomeshi a blackmailed gatekeeper?

Most ConCenners are well aware of how the creeps who control the mass media to ensure their crimes remain hidden, use other creeps to do their work.

Was this creep Jian Ghomeshi one of them? Was he used to make sure that his daily CBC radio show, syndicated at 160 U.S. radio stations, didn't stray off the reservation?

First, here's a little background on this creep:

So here we have a narcissistic creep (this was my personal opinion since I'd first listened to him) who assaults women without their consent for years; everyone knows about it, but nobody does anything.

As soon as word hit the public mind space about this creep, CBC fired him. Since the public now knew about him, background creeps couldn't control him. Therefore he needs to be replaced by someone who they can still blackmail.

I wish I had proof that he maintained his position solely because he was controllable, but I don't. History tells me that he probably did.

More hints that the CBC was covering up

The Fifth Estate just put out a piece proving that CBC management stifled an investigation into Ghomeshi's crimes, while claiming they did investigate.

Ghomeshi's show was always hyped as being edgy, but of course it was anything but. Was it because Ghomeshi knew he couldn't mess with the CBC because of blackmail?

Anyone, especially that young

Anyone, especially that young who makes it that big, at such a quick pace, in such a big governmental (CBC) media show, has been "chosen" because he/she agrees to be a "tool". Perhaps some are naive and "think they made it big because they are gifted and special", but like many "artists" they are part of social engineering. These people are "actors" in that they read scripts, but make it look like it comes from themselves.

I see the Ghomeshi news item

I see the Ghomeshi news item in the context of Trudeau kicking 2 MPs out of the party based on anonymous allegations, and the Cosby stuff in the USA, which the prosecutors WON'T touch because of statute of limitations, due process, etc. Of the three, I think TRUDEAU is the most mind-controlled! He's in a trance state or something. Cosby was ALWAYS creepy, and Ghomeshi isn't that creepy, just sickly, and S&M doesn't bother me, as long as it's consentious (which now a few women are saying it wasn't, with Ghomeshi).

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