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Collection of War Documentary's
Too many to give details of each file so Google the name
Most are BBC

All files Widescreen
All files Xvid
From 10 to 90 minutes (Most are 45 or 60 Minutes)

About 200 Hours ?

=================== What's In This Torrent ===================

20th Century Battlefields (8x60 Minutes)

37 Days (3x60 Minutes)

Afghanistan -The Great Game (2x60 Minutes)

Animal Heroes (3x45 Minutes)

Apocalypse - The Second World War (6x45 Minutes)

Battlefield Britain (4x60 Minutes)

Britain's Great War (4x60 Minutes)

Bullets, Boots And Bandages (3x60 Minutes)

Cold War, Hot Jets (3x60 Minutes)

D-Day The Last Heroes (2x60 Minutes)

Decisive Weapons (7x30 Minutes)

Dig WW2 (3x60 Minutes)

Dive WWII - Our Secret History (2x60 Minutes)

Doomsday - World War (3x45 Minutes)

Empire Of The Seas (4x60 Minutes)

Hitler - A Profile (5x45 Minutes)

Hitler's Children (5x45 Minutes)

Hitler's Henchmen (12x45 Minutes)

Hitler's Rise - The Colour Films (2x45 Minutes)

How We Won The War (10x30 Minutes)

Kim Philby - His Most Intimate Betrayal (2x60 Minutes)

Modern Spies (2x60 Minutes)

Our War (2x60 Minutes)

Royal Cousins At War (2x60 Minutes)

Sandhurst (3x60 Minutes)

Single Episodes (43)(2x30 Mins)(5x45 Mins)(29x60 Mins)(7x90 Mins)

Strange Days - Cold War Britain (3x60 Minutes)

Tankies - Tank Heroes Of World War II (2x60 Minutes)

The Crusades (2x60 Minutes)

The Dark Charisma Of Adolf Hitler (3x60 Minutes)

The First World War (10x50 Minutes)

The Iraq War (3x60 Minutes)

The Nazis - A Warning From History (6x50 Minutes)

The World At War (26x50 Minutes)

WW1 Uncut (3x10 Minutes)

War Walks (12x30 Minutes)

World War 2 - The Complete History (13x45 Minutes

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