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War Crimes in Gaza (2015)

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War Crimes in Gaza (2015)

No, Israel did not commit war crimes in Gaza. As usual, Hamas did, in the most cynical way, deceiving the entire world through their domination of international media.

Summer 2014. As Israel was protecting itself against thousands rockets indiscriminately fired to its civilian population, while taking all precautions not to hurt Palestinians in Gaza, the death toll on both sides increased daily, leading to a situation where most media and political analysts turned themselves once more against the Jewish state.

“War Crimes in Gaza” presents a new point of view on the conflict, from different angles, in its historical context. Our teams have been filming for days inside Gaza and other Palestinian territories, and have interviewed IDF soldiers, officers, legal advisers, political analysts, leaders, journalists, members of Hamas and other terror organizations, victims of the war, in search of those who were really accountable for this, unfortunately, too frequent tragedy.

Genre: Documentary
Length: 55 Minutes
Resolution: 720 x 404
Video format: MKV/AVC
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