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Waking from the Trance with Stephen Wolinsky (2002)

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Waking from the Trance with Stephen Wolinsky (2002)

A Practical Course for Developing Multi-Dimensional Awareness

by Stephen Wolinsky

Have you ever felt that your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and memories—everything you've known to be you—might be just the surface of something far more expansive? That somehow there might be a way to wake up to an entirely new revelation of the world and of yourself?

In 1977, a young psychotherapist named Stephen Wolinsky left his practice to answer these questions. His search would lead him beyond the roots of modern psychology and the contemplative traditions of the world to India's legendary sage Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

On Waking from the Trance, you are invited to learn what evolved from Wolinsky's quest: a revolutionary new understanding of the nature of consciousness that can help us to see beyond the inner structures that limit our awareness and experience the many dimensions of who we are more fully.

The Trances People Live

"I must succeed in everything I do." "I must be loved." "I must be in control." "I feel inadequate." From our earliest years, teaches Wolinsky, the nervous system creates a False Self that can trap us in a specific constellation of fears, frustrations, and psychological patterns. In this trance of the False Self, we lose contact with the greater dimensions of who we really are: what the spiritual traditions of the world have called the One Substance, God, or the Void of Undifferentiated Consciousness.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Healing

Awakening from the trance of the self, says Wolinsky, begins by extending your awareness to every level of who you are: your biological instincts, your thoughts and feelings, the archetypal dimension, and ultimately who you are beyond those thoughts, emotions, memories, associations, and perceptions. But how do you begin this journey? The only way to find out who you are, taught Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, is to find out first who you are not.

Waking from the Trance offers you an opportunity to begin that life-changing investigation. Here is a full eight-hour program of compelling instruction and exercises to help you identify the frames that organize your most basic experiences, open your awareness to each of your dimensional levels, and discover who you truly are.

About Stephen Wolinsky

Stephen Wolinsky began his clinical practice in 1974 as a Gestalt and Reichian therapist and trainer. In 1977 he journeyed to India to study meditation for nearly six years. He has trained in classical hypnosis, psychosynthesis, and transactional analysis, and taught Ericksonian hypnosis and family therapy. Stephen Wolinsky is the founder of Quantum psychology and the author of You Are Not, I Am that I Am, Trances People Live, Quantum Consciousness, The Tao of Chaos, Hearts on Fire, Intimate Relationships, The Way of the Human trilogy, The Beginner's Guide to Quantum Psychology, and many other books.

Quantum Psychology with Stephen Wolinsky

In most forms of therapy or psychology, the purpose is to heal a “self”—heal unfinished business, re-form or create a more solid ego state, or put you in a position where you can be more, do more, have more, create more. The goal is to have more of what you want in your life “as if” that will make you happy. In quantum psychology, the purpose is to find out who you are.

Consciousness gives us the illusion that there are millions of different substances in the universe. But all substances, no matter how they appear to be separate, are actually made of the same one substance, appearing in different shapes or forms. The illusion is that they are different. That one substance condenses, forming consciousness, which contains the illusions of “I am here; you are there” and the perception of many different substances, which appear like a mirage. Once the illusion of “I am” is formed, the consciousness actually becomes like a series of veils that hide the fact that everything is made of that one substance.

Rather than searching to change or fix an ego that is broken, quantum psychology lets us look beyond those veils to realize that we are all made of that one substance, and this is your true nature.

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