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Waco: A New Revelation (1999) DVD Rip

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Waco: A New Revelation is a 1999 documentary directed by Jason Van Vleet about the conflict in 1993 between the Branch Davidians, a religious apocalyptic group, and the FBI.

It is based on further research by the crew behind Waco: The Rules of Engagement. In this documentary, interviews with new people are conducted and more evidence is presented, one of which is a hole in the roof of "the bunker", allegedly made with an explosive charge. Another analysis is made of images allegedly showing an FBI helicopter killing a Branch Davidian in the Mt. Carmel courtyard.

A retired army officer and a CIA agent both reveal how they have spoken to several Combat Applications Group [nicknamed "Delta Force"] soldiers, who all confirm that they were present on April 19th and that they were "involved in a firefight with the Branch Davidians".

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