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Waco The Big Lie & Waco II: The Big Lie Continues (Linda Thompson) [VHSRip]

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[Includes Bonus Bill Cooper Interviews w/ Thompson]

This is definitely a controversial video that sparked a lot of debate, in the 1990's it was pretty much pushed by everyone from Bill Cooper to Ron Paul. Some people, Alex Jones for example, claim that the tank footage was disinformation, while many others view it as definitive proof that they torched them alive. Hopefully people will state their opinions on that portion and we can get some good debate in the comments???

One thing I will say is that the Christopher Dorner case proves that authorities will burn someone alive, then blatantly deny it.

Special thanks to "Reboot," who made the original VHS to DVDR transfer that was the source of this rip.


Using outakes of satellite footage shot by a local news station, director Linda Thompson paints a chilling portrait of the ATF and FBI's military assault on the Branch Davidian's compound in Waco. Thompson argues convincingly that the ATF's initial assault on Mt. Carmel was legally grounded on nothing more than a $200 weapons surchage that Koresh had failed to pay. With proof of that in their back pocket, the ATF called out U.S. Army gunships, and attacked the compound with dozens of stoked, reckless agents employing massive gunpower. The footage on this video demonstrates that the Branch Davidians did not meet the ATF with "a hail of gunfire." You'll see unthreatened ATF agents riddling the front of the compound with gunfire, fully aware that inside were dozens of women and children. The ATF had plenty of time to shoot not only the house; they fired on themselves, other agents, children playing outside, long before a Branch Davidian fired a single shot in self defense. The video also details the FBI's effective bamboozlement of a compliant press, but the most controversial part of the tape comes at the end, when Thompson provides footage allegedly showing government tanks with flamethrowers that she contends set the fire that killed all 89 people inside. You may (and should) question some of what this video contends, but it does contain actual footage of a government attacking its own citizens. Not that that hasn't happened before. But now it's on videotape.

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