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Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense (2007)

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A daily scan through the news gives the impression that the world is constantly invaded by virus epidemics. The latest headlines feature the human papillomavirus (HPV) alleged to cause cervical cancer and the avian flu virus, H5N1. The public is also continually terrorized by reports about SARS, BSE, hepatitis C, AIDS, Ebola, and polio. However, this virus mayhem ignores very basic scientific facts: the existence, the pathogenicity and the deadly effects of these agents have never been proven. The authors of Virus Mania, journalist Torsten Engelbrecht and doctor of internal medicine Claus Köhnlein, show that these alleged contagious agents are, in fact, particles produced by the cells themselves as a consequence of certain stress factors such as drugs, malnutrition, pesticides and heavy metals.

The central aim of this book is to steer the discussion back to a real scientific debate and put medicine back on the path of an impartial analysis of the facts. It will put medical experiments, clinical trials, statistics and government policies under the microscope, revealing that the people charged with protecting our health and safety have deviated from this path. To substantiate these statements, the authors cite dozens of highly renowned scientists and present approximately 1,100 pertinent scientific references.

The topic of this book is of pivotal significance. The pharmaceutical companies and top scientists rake in enormous sums of money by attacking germs and the media boosts its audience ratings and circulations with sensationalized reporting (the coverage of the New York Times and Der Spiegel are specifically analyzed). "The primary purpose of commercially-funded clinical research is to maximize financial return on investment, not health," says John Abramson of Harvard Medical School. Virus Mania will inform you on how such an environment took root-and how to empower yourself for a healthy life.


thanks for the up.

why have you added corona to the description when this book was published 13 years ago and corona isn't mentioned on it?

SARS, MERS and Covid-19 are all coronaviruses, just slightly different strands. Swine Flu and the Spanish flu were, by contrast, H1N1 type viruses. Bird flu was related to that but the molecules got switched and the H1 morphed into H5 making it very lethal to us because our body has no natural defenses against the H5 (but birds do, evidently).

I recommend a book called "Planet of Viruses" if you are interested in this sort of thing.

@euxconcen @pax

Contrary to what you judge by the book's cover, this is a very pertinent book to understand today's crisis.

For it deals with a "problem" (I should say scandal) of modern medicine and medical science, which is its 'strange' tendency (I should say wicked tendency) to find a 'virus' as the cause for any pathology, syndrome, or cancer.

Did you know that ...
- many of these diseases were previously well explained without infectious viruses?
- these viruses, from which we are given pictures, were never isolated properly?
- the tests for famous viruses (HIV, SARS' Corona, flu), do not test for a particular virus?
- and more...

This alone should ring a bell.

The authors of the book are two Germans, one a science journalist (Torsten Engelbrecht) and the other a medical doctor. The preface was written by Étienne de Harven, a prominent Belgian microbiologist and expert in electron microscopy who defended "HIV-positive" defendents from accusations of "passing on HIV" (which has never been proven as AIDS is in fact, not transmissible).

The fact that none of them are American is evidence that virology has now become a highly politicized science, an imperial enterprise, for reasons that are quite obvious: fear is the best way to get obedience.

but then how do you explain one of the spouses transmitting the diease to the other and the unborn child?

his claim that asymptomatic carriers don't exist is total fucking bullshit.
it's well established that they can exist. yet cunty chops claims there's no scientific proof of it.
There's even emerging proof of it coming out in actual studies which show asymptomatic carriers to exist with covid19.