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Video Games That Want Your Soul (2012) 720p HD

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Video Games That Want Your Soul

(Released July 4th, 2012)

I made this film myself. It is a non-profit film.
The film contains footage from video games with strong graphic violence, strong sexual themes, and nudity.

My film uses video game clips to address moral, social, political, and religious issues. For the most part, modern day video games are used in my film to stay relative to what games are currently being played. Second, newer games have better graphics, visually making for a better video. With this, my video's message will be better understood.

I decided to use video games for this film having played video games my whole life. Thousands of hours I have spent, playing thousands of video games, from being in an arcade to sitting on my chair. Video games felt so new and exciting at times. My memories include video game parties, trying to level up my character so I could beat that boss, having a lot fun and at times, getting mad. I remember being addicted to video games, avoiding eating and sleeping so I could play more. At one time, I ranked in the top of the world for one of the most popular online first person shooting games. From my first video game to my last, it has been my favorite form of media.

Now why should you spend your time watching this video? If you are a gamer, it's a no brainer. If you have no interest in video games, watch my video too. This video is for people who want to discover something about themselves and the world around them.

There are six predominant topics in my film.

Part 1: Video Game Violence

With the rise in realism, due to graphical improvements, what impact does video games violence have on the individual that's playing them? This section will show video game clips having graphical violence.

Part 2: Military Involvement

Are video games training you for real life combat? Is the military trying to recruit people through video games? Part two will discuss the military's influence on video games.

Part 3. Human Augmentation.

This section explores the idea of humans merging with technology. The argument for this section is as followed. Is there a possibility of losing your humanity when merging with technology?

Part 4: Sex In Games

Sexual themes present in video games are shown. Could there be a moral and social danger depending on how certain sexual content is portrayed?

Part 5: Predictive Programming

How might video games be used to program the viewer? Is there an agenda to get people to accept certain ideas? Are you being influenced to accept something that you aren't even aware of?

Part 6: Fallen Angel
Lastly, video games with demonic themes are covered. Why are demonic themes present in some video games?

List of Games Used:

Assassin's Creed, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Diablo III, Last of Us, Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Crysis 2, Deus EX, Duke Nukem, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, God of War, Hitman, Kane and Lynch, Twisted Metal, La Noire, Lollipop Chainsaw, Fall Out 3, Max Payne, Mortal Kombat, Red Dead Redemption, Infamous 2, Heavy Rain, Witcher II, Prototype, Catherine, Splatterhouse, Watch Dogs, Dead Space 2, Homefront, Crackdown, Dead Rising, Shadows of the Damned


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