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Video Games Program You (2013)

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I put this video together to prove that video games promote demonic themes. A screen capture program was used to show many current video games promote satanism, demons, witchcraft, the occult, and dark magic. There are a lot of video games that want you to embrace evil. This video will prove that video games have an anti God and anti Christian agenda. They want you to think evil is good. You won't be told that Jesus is the only way because some of the companies that make video games are on the wrong side. Also, video games are becoming more realistic. This is a concern because of how violent video games are. I know I'm not going to get an XboxOne or PS4. People don't see how realistic video games have become because of gradualism. A slow process of cooking the frog before it realized the danger. A lot of these games have themes that the Bible warns against. Satan and demons are made to look good in video games. Turn to Jesus.

Note: Some of the screen got cut off with the screen capture program. So with some examples, the text will be cut off. Even with this, there are a ton of examples proving video games are programing you.
Using Vuze to upload this. Usually I use Utorrent. Hopefully this torrent seeds.