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Vice News - Ground Zero - Turkey - The Protesters Of Gezi Park (2013)Vice

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Vice News - Ground Zero - Turkey - The Protesters Of Gezi Park (2013)Vice-aNaRCHo

In this episode of Vice News, Tim Pool looks into the nature and media coverage of the Occupy-style protests at Gezi Park. He interviews a number of protesters about the political situation, walks through the tent city where the protesters have set up, and attempts to cover the protests and clashes with police (via livestream on his cell phone). Throughout, they analyze the media coverage surrounding the events at Gezi. At first, the main channels in Turkey were ignoring the situation at the park. One station even aired a documentary about penguins, while the first major riots were occurring- as police clashed with protesters. Many protesters have since adopted the "penguin in a gas mask" as the mascot for their movement. Considering this, protesters relied upon social media to get the word out and beam images of what was going on to the rest of the world Erdogan's forces attempted to quell their movement with force.