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Vice News - The Burning Men Of Bulgaria (2013)Vice

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Vice News - The Burning Men Of Bulgaria (2013)Vice-aNaRCHo

In this episode of Vice News, a brief introduction to the modern history of self-immolation as a form of protest is provided, and is followed by informing us of the recent disturbing trend from Bulgaria...where both men & women have began to set themselves alight in protest of, not only the corrupt government, but also an elite cabal of Mafioso "businessmen" who essentially rule the country. The citizenry erupted in anger when the group known as TIM, raised electricity prices so much, that it was costing the general public over a third of their annual income to cover. They were led by a particularly driven young man, who burned himself on the steps of city hall while calling for the mayor to resign. Whereas the young man died, the mayor was forced to resign in shame...and he inspired the people to fight for their rights...and to get their country back. Some men who have since self-immolated themselves since, yet survived, are interviewed.